Dwyer Gunn

Dwyer Gunn is a contributing writer at Pacific Standard.

D.C.’s Universal Preschool Program Has Been Hugely Beneficial for Moms—and the Economy

Once preschool was made free, maternal labor force participation increased.

A shuttered factory in Muncie, Indiana

The Hidden Hazard in American Cities: Industrial Pollution

Urban America is haunted by the toxic legacy of long-vanished industries.

A worker at a Walmart in Compton, California.

The Rise of the Alt-Labor Movement

Nationwide, the battle for worker rights and protections is often being waged by non-traditional organizations that can do what formal unions can't.

Inside the Red State Race to Destroy Medicaid

Repealing the ACA isn't the only way to dial back the law's Medicaid expansions—and threaten the program itself.

A man works on the roof of a house with a for sale sign next to it.

Does Segregation Beget Segregation?

Two poverty researchers discuss about the social forces reinforcing the cycle of segregation.