Eillie Anzilotti

Darren Ornitz/Reuters

Why Cities Will Be Protest Hubs in 2017

The author Sarah Jaffe sheds light on why urban areas are hotspots for demonstrations.

Wilson Ring/AP

How the Opioid Epidemic Is an Infrastructure Issue

Could transitional housing help bring the crisis to a close?

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

The Neighborhoods Where Christmas Lights Are Serious Business

When it comes to holiday decorations, these communities do not hold back.

Stephen Lam/Reuters

The Best Cities for Part-Time Workers

Seattle and San Francisco point to a way to protect employees against erratic schedules and unpredictable wages.

Lee Romney/Designing Justice + Designing Spaces

Designing a Way out of Mass Incarceration

An Oakland-based firm is developing architecture to support restorative justice.

Salvador Espinoza

Journeying to Rikers Island by Bus

This photo series depicts an unseen side of the criminal justice system: its effect on the families of incarcerated people.

Ajesh Shah via AP

A Path Toward Protecting DIY Spaces

In the aftermath of a warehouse fire in Oakland, artists nationwide aim to keep their buildings open and secure.

Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

After a Tragedy, Reckoning With Oakland's Affordability Crisis

A devastating warehouse fire has made it clear that the city has failed to support its artist community.


How a Texas Town Is Overhauling Disaster Relief

In Brownsville, a program called RAPIDO places innovative housing design at the center of community resilience.

Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters

Teach-Ins in the Time of Trump

After the election, universities are positioning themselves as sources of information about immigration rights.

Off the Rails movie

Loving Transit, Breaking the Law

A new documentary explores how a man’s obsession with New York’s MTA lands him in a legal gray area.

Local Projects

City Museums Look to the Future

A new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York places civic engagement at the forefront.

Shana Berger/Coleman Center for the Arts

On the Trail of Grassroots Innovation Across America

Community design efforts get a platform at the Cooper Hewitt museum in New York.

Holistic Life Foundation

What Mindfulness Does for Urban Kids

As alternatives to detention, school-based meditation programs help students cope with stress.

Crack + Cider

A Pop-Up Shop for San Francisco's Homeless

This charity delivers cold-weather essentials to people on the street.

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Closing the Child Care Access Gap

It’s not just a matter of affordability. It’ll take an “infrastructure investment,” a new report claims.  

Loes Heerink

Hanoi's Street Vendors, Seen From Above

A Dutch photographer highlights the beauty of local commerce.

Kelly Rundle/Fourth Wall Films

An Ode to the American Barn

A new documentary charts the disappearance of iconic farm buildings, and makes the case for preserving them.