Eillie Anzilotti

Eillie Anzilotti

Eillie Anzilotti is a former editorial fellow at CityLab.

Why Cities Will Be Protest Hubs in 2017

The author Sarah Jaffe sheds light on why urban areas are hotspots for demonstrations.

How the Opioid Epidemic Is an Infrastructure Issue

Could transitional housing help bring the crisis to a close?

The Neighborhoods Where Christmas Lights Are Serious Business

When it comes to holiday decorations, these communities do not hold back.

The Best Cities for Part-Time Workers

Seattle and San Francisco point to a way to protect employees against erratic schedules and unpredictable wages.

Designing a Way out of Mass Incarceration

An Oakland-based firm is developing architecture to support restorative justice.

Journeying to Rikers Island by Bus

This photo series depicts an unseen side of the criminal justice system: its effect on the families of incarcerated people.

A Path Toward Protecting DIY Spaces

In the aftermath of a warehouse fire in Oakland, artists nationwide aim to keep their buildings open and secure.

After a Tragedy, Reckoning With Oakland's Affordability Crisis

A devastating warehouse fire has made it clear that the city has failed to support its artist community.

How a Texas Town Is Overhauling Disaster Relief

In Brownsville, a program called RAPIDO places innovative housing design at the center of community resilience.

Teach-Ins in the Time of Trump

After the election, universities are positioning themselves as sources of information about immigration rights.

Loving Transit, Breaking the Law

A new documentary explores how a man’s obsession with New York’s MTA lands him in a legal gray area.

City Museums Look to the Future

A new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York places civic engagement at the forefront.

On the Trail of Grassroots Innovation Across America

Community design efforts get a platform at the Cooper Hewitt museum in New York.

What Mindfulness Does for Urban Kids

As alternatives to detention, school-based meditation programs help students cope with stress.

A Pop-Up Shop for San Francisco's Homeless

This charity delivers cold-weather essentials to people on the street.

Closing the Child Care Access Gap

It’s not just a matter of affordability. It’ll take an “infrastructure investment,” a new report claims.  

Hanoi's Street Vendors, Seen From Above

A Dutch photographer highlights the beauty of local commerce.

An Ode to the American Barn

A new documentary charts the disappearance of iconic farm buildings, and makes the case for preserving them.

A New TV Show Puts a Personal Story at the Center of the Deportation Debate

An upcoming series based on actor Diane Guerrero’s memoir will illuminate the lives of undocumented residents.

What Daily Life Looks Like at Different Income Levels

A new website tracks global wealth stratification through photographs of household items.

The Growing Mold Problem in New York City's Public Housing

The infestation worsened after Hurricane Sandy, and a Brooklyn-based advocacy group is calling for a solution.