Eillie Anzilotti

Eillie Anzilotti

Eillie Anzilotti is a former editorial fellow at CityLab.

Free Mental Health Care, on Demand

A city-run hotline connects New Yorkers with local counselors.

Finding the Soul of America in Small-Town Iowa

The photographer Cody Weber turns his lens on economic decline in his home state.

A Walk Through Philadelphia's Haunted Past

Ghost tours illuminate the spookier side to a city’s history.

San Francisco Can't Escape its Past in 'Vertigo'

History haunts the city by the Bay in Hitchcock’s 1958 film.

Sharing Food Traditions Across the Globe

A new book, Far Afield, details rituals and recipes from some of the world’s most remote cultures.

Building Community Through Bike Repair

Kids walk out of an Earn-A-Bike program in Indianapolis with life skills and a new set of wheels.

A Vision for a Chicago Unified by Rivers

As the 15-year Chicago Riverwalk project draws to a close, the city hopes to use its waterways to bridge neighborhoods.

These Quirky Drawings of Modern Life Are All Too Real

Jean Jullien’s new book charmingly depicts the ironies of contemporary culture.

Quantifying Everything About Urban Life

Over decades, the Kavli HUMAN Project will track 10,000 New Yorkers’ lives.

9 Books About City Life You Must Read This Fall

These new titles open windows onto urban culture around the world.

In the Bike vs. Truck Showdown, London Sides With Cyclists

A new proposal will make roads safer by banning low-visibility trucks in 2020.

How the World Is Feeling Right Now

A new app collects real-time data on people’s emotional states.

A Forest Made From 10,000 Trees

A public art installation in Bristol aggregates species from across the globe.

Why Kids in Bangkok Play Soccer on Oddly Shaped Fields

In a slum neighborhood, non-rectangular pitches boost opportunities for play.

What Shopping Local Really Means for Cities

The authors of Global Cities, Local Streets make a case for preserving small-scale retail.

Images of One of New York's Last Industrial Neighborhoods

As Jerome Avenue faces redevelopment, a group of photographers is documenting workers along the Bronx thoroughfare.

Stories From the World's Greatest Bookstores

Bob Eckstein illustrates 75 local gems—and why they matter to their neighborhoods.

Illuminating Blight in Upstate New York

A temporary art installation in the three Capital Region cities calls for a solution to vacancy and abandonment.

A Blueprint for Keeping Homeless Kids in School

Across the country, states and districts are hatching new ways to implement federal provisions coming into effect this fall.

What the Criminal Justice System Looks Like Across the Globe

In Law & Order, Jan Banning photographs jails in Uganda, France, Colombia, and the United States.