Emily DeRuy

Emily DeRuy

Emily DeRuy is a former staff writer at The Atlantic, where she covered education.

Boston's New Accidental Archive of Protest Posters

A group of professors stockpiled a trove of handmade signs from the Women's March.

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An Oakland park is promoting literacy through fun.

Can 'Sanctuary Campuses' Protect Undocumented Students?

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Many African American educators say they don’t feel respected or empowered at their schools.

Crossing the Border for School

Some children commute from Mexico to the U.S. on a daily basis, a process that Donald Trump’s candidacy complicates.

The Fine Line Between 'Safe Spaces' and Segregation

Schools want black students to feel welcome, but sometimes their attempts go awry.

Houston, We Have an LGBT Problem

Community advocates must unite before they can convince residents to pass an anti-discrimination measure.

The Dark Side of a Tech Boom

As Tesla and Apple move in, Reno, Nevada, is building lots of high-end apartments, but little in the way of affordable housing.