Emma Jacobs

Emma Jacobs is a multimedia journalist based in Montreal. Her illustrations can be found on Instagram.

An illustration with people at Mount Royal Park overlooking the Montreal skyline.

How Montreal’s Largest Park Tackled Its Raccoon Problem

“When tourists arrive with food that is often very high in calories and in fat, they’re going to very quickly lose their fear of humans.”

Are Philadelphians Ready to Ditch Their Transit Tokens?

Over the past year, SEPTA has begun rolling out a long-anticipated replacement for the antiquated fare system, promising that its contactless Key Cards will soon be among the most innovative in the nation.

Paris's Ongoing Struggle to Shelter Migrants

Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced plans last May for a triage point to orient people more quickly into the French social system and eliminate informal encampments from city streets.

The High Art of Drone Photography

An amateur photographer uses his commercial drone to capture aerial views of Philadelphia.