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A Very Early Yet Highly Accurate Guide to This Coming Winter

Will California get some drought relief? Should everyone in Boston move? All your questions answered.

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Arizona, Not California, Will Feel the Worst of the West's Megadrought

As Lake Mead hits record lows and water shortages loom, Arizona prepares for the worst.

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Why Californians Will Soon Be Drinking Their Own Pee

It’s a much better option than desalination.


Beetles and Climate Change Helped Create This Huge Wildfire in Alaska

The fire is now bigger than Manhattan and the city of Chicago combined. 


Climate Change May Make Terrible Mudslides More Common

More intense rainstorms will make follow-on events like flooding and landslides much more common.

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How Global Warming Can Make Cold Snaps Even Worse

What to tell your skeptic friends.

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Thanksgiving Eve Nor'easter Now Looks Certain to Make Holiday Travel a Nightmare

And there's really no avoiding it.

Major Storms Are Forming, and America's Meteorologists Are Stuck at Home

The combination of hobbled government and natural disaster is increasing the risk to Americans.