Eric Jaffe

Eric Jaffe is the former New York bureau chief for CityLab. He is the author of A Curious Madness and The King's Best Highway.

See How the 2nd Avenue Subway Will Help Your Commute

The Citymapper app’s new “future” tool offers New Yorkers a peek at what they’ve been missing these last hundred years.

Where the Streets Have No Names (Only Numbers)

The “first comprehensive” analysis of street numbering in the U.S. finds that half of all cities prefer numerical navigation.

A $50 Million Plan to Get Cities Thinking About Driverless Cars

DOT’s Smart City Challenge hopes to jumpstart a discussion that’s been delayed for too long.

BART Will Pay Commuters Not to Travel During Rush Hour

The agency’s new “perks” program hopes to reduce crowded trains by getting riders to leave for work earlier or later than usual.

Why Tokyo Is Home to So Many Cyclists But So Few Bike Lanes

A new Streetfilms video offers some compelling explanations.

The World’s 15 Most Complex Subway Maps

As ranked by a research team of mathematicians and theoretical physicists.

The Real Source of America's Urban Revival

Millennials, housing costs, and shorter commutes are the usual explanations. But a careful new study points to another reason young college grads returned downtown in the 2000s.

Can a New Urban Highway Avoid the Mistakes of the Past?

As plans advance for the Interstate 49 Connector, Lafayette, Louisiana, might soon find out.

Of Course Copenhagen Is Giving Bicycles Traffic-Light Priority

New intelligent signals will reduce travel time for cyclists by 10 percent.

How to Ride the D.C. Streetcar

A friendly PSA from the District of Columbia’s Department of Transportation.

Commuters Don't Stop Driving to Work Unless You Take Away Free Parking

Offering equal benefits to transit riders has little-to-no effect on travel choices.

America's School Teachers Are Confused About Climate Change

Nearly a third offered students the flawed mixed message that modern warming is caused by both humans and natural temperature shifts.

A Bold Transportation Plan for Urban America—Dead on Arrival

The DOT’s $98 billion 2017 budget has a lot to recommend it, and virtually no chance of approval.

Toward a Stronger Theory of NIMBYism

A more sound understanding of local obstructionism could be the first step to diminishing it.

Some Bike Infrastructure Is Worse Than None at All

It’s time to put the sharrow to rest.

New York Has a Streetcar Plan That Isn't Totally Awful

That said, the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront connector is far from perfect.

Late Trains Aren't Amtrak's Biggest Problem

A new analysis points to an even bigger impediment to ridership.

New Houston Mayor to Texas DOT: Wider Roads Mean More Traffic

“The traditional strategy of adding capacity … exacerbates urban congestion problems.”

Some Bus Riders Do Secretly Just Want a Car

But a sharp new study also shows that plenty of others truly prefer their transit trip.

São Paulo Offers the Best Plan Yet for Dealing With Uber

Call it congestion pricing for taxi cabs.

Why Are States About to Get $2 Billion in Extra Road Money?

Congress just gave new life to old earmarks, but how that money is spent will surely spark debate.