Eric Jaffe

Eric Jaffe is the former New York bureau chief for CityLab. He is the author of A Curious Madness and The King's Best Highway.

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The Future of Urban Mobility Just Got a Bit Closer

The idea of self-driving taxis roaming the city should gain momentum with the new Ford-Google and GM-Lyft partnerships.

Why Commutes Aren't Twice as Long in Cities With Twice the Population

You probably don’t love your trip to work, but researchers have identified three reasons it’s not much, much worse.

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The Computer Revolution and the Fates of U.S. Cities

After 1980, metros with an “abstract” labor base thrived, while those without one didn’t.

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The “emergency” moratorium will give planners a chance to design a more pedestrian-friendly place.

A User's Guide to Amtrak's New Rewards System

America’s passenger train switches to a fare-based redemption program in 2016.

Photographing the People in New York's Old Penn Station

A new collection by Louis Stettner focuses on the travelers themselves—not just the iconic architecture.