Erin Hale

Erin Hale

Erin Hale is a Hong Kong-based writer. She writes about a variety of topics from politics to social trends for international news outlets.

Pressed for Space, Hong Kong Will Create New Land

The ‘Lantau Tomorrow’ plan would expand small islands for much-needed new housing, but not without risks to the environment.  

A series of white, three-story apartment buildings surrounded by palm trees and a gate.

Build New Housing in Hong Kong Using This One Weird Trick

Developers are profiting off of illegal land rights sales through the Small House Policy, a 1970s rule that lets villagers build small houses with few restrictions.

An Impressive, Unnecessary, Multi-City Bridge

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is little more than propaganda announcing the unity of China and her former colonies, despite their very different historic, legal, and even transportation backgrounds.

Phnom Penh's Canal of Unpleasant Fragrances

As the Cambodian capital’s least-majestic waterway, the infamous “Shit Canal” is descended from greater architectural marvels intended to re-engineer the landscape.

Flipping Condos in Phnom Penh

When the real estate gold rush ends, the city’s heritage could be lost forever in the pursuit of short-term gains.