Feargus O'Sullivan

Feargus O'Sullivan

Feargus O'Sullivan is a contributing writer to CityLab, covering Europe. His writing focuses on housing, gentrification and social change, infrastructure, urban policy, and national cultures. He has previously contributed to The Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times, and Next City, among other publications.

Pont Des Arts in Paris

Paris Wants to Build a Few Garden Bridges

Here’s what it should learn from London’s infamous efforts to build one.

Brexit Just Got Real

E.U. agencies are packing up to leave London, and the city’s international power and prestige ebbs.

More Evidence That the Olympics Won't Fix Your City

London really tried to use the 2012 Games to improve people’s lives. A new report shows the skeptics were right all along.

Zurich is pictured.

Zurich's Public Housing Problem: The Tenants Are Too Rich

Switzerland’s biggest city clamps down on 132 millionaires currently living in public projects.

Vandals Are Attacking Berlin's Powerful Citywide Holocaust Memorial

Germany’s Stolpersteine monuments show how a historic force of terror unfurled on the same streets people walk down today. Their disappearance is cause for concern.

Venice Mayor to Tourists: Stop Whining and Pay Up

British visitors were overcharged for lunch, the U.K. press pounced, and now everyone is mad.

A Duplex of London's Public Housing Will Become a Museum Exhibit

The Victoria and Albert Museum will conserve a chunk of the Robin Hood Gardens estate—a symbolic death knell for the ethos behind the city’s postwar public housing.

The inside of the Moscow Metro is pictured.

On Moscow Metro, Jewelry Is a Classy Alternative to Subway Cards

Stop fumbling with your wallet at the turnstile and wear this ring instead.

How to Pedestrianize a Vital Urban Street

London’s plans for Oxford Street show that even the busiest roads can ban vehicles—but there's one major misstep.

European Cities Figured Out E-Bikes. Why Won't New York?

Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon are making it easier than ever for residents to get a boost as they pedal around town. New York says that’s simply not allowed.

People attend a gathering in support of the members of the dismissed Catalan cabinet regional Parliament in Barcelona.

Catalonia's Crisis of Independence

It’s been a rocky road since declaring sovereignty from Spain.

Homeless people in Berlin are pictured.

Berlin Has Been Paying Homeless Migrants to Leave the Country

After clearing a tent city in its most famous park, Berlin is trying to push migrants to leave. Is the approach realistic or fair?

Catalonia Just Declared Independence

And that may not even be the most dramatic Spanish political event of the day.

A drinking fountain is pictured.

Paris's Latest Luxury: Sparkling Water Fountains

When regular water just isn’t Parisian enough.

What England's New Metro Mayors Are Doing to Assert Local Power After Brexit

Liverpool’s first directly elected mayor is on a mission to engage disaffected residents.

Barcelona Mayor Calls for a Third Way to Solve Catalonia Crisis

Ada Colau, a self-proclaimed “municipalist,” criticized threats from both Spanish nationalists and Catalonian independence seekers at CityLab Paris. She says city leaders are distinctly positioned to find compromise.

Nasty Ads Force Londoners to See Their Pollution Problem

To build support for a new charge on older cars, the mayor’s office tells the public, “If you could see London’s air, you’d want to clean it too.”

A man walks his bicycle beside a train in Paris.

Breaking Down the Many Ways Europe's City-Dwellers Get to Work

One chart shows which cities do best when it comes to biking, walking, or taking public transit to work.

A Bright Idea to Revive a Neighborhood

The financial crisis brought (literally) darker times to parts of Athens. Now one neighborhood is fighting to bring light back to the streets.

In Copenhagen, Bike Commuting Gets a Little Less Popular

Denmark’s capital may be a cyclists’ paradise, but recent trends show what’s really necessary to sustain a bike boom.

How a Fart Became Berlin's Weirdest Policing Scandal

It's taken an incredible amount of resources to get to the bottom of this one.