Feargus O'Sullivan

Feargus O'Sullivan

Feargus O'Sullivan is a contributing writer to CityLab, covering Europe. His writing focuses on housing, gentrification and social change, infrastructure, urban policy, and national cultures. He has previously contributed to The Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times, and Next City, among other publications.

An inspector stands in front of an archway in a dark sewer tunnel

London's Sewers Are Clogged With Massive Globs of Fat. Here’s Why It’s Hard to Get Rid of Them

“Fatbergs,” these vast bundles of congealed grease, are becoming the stuff of urban legend—but preventing their formation can be complex.

Paris's Car Debate Gets Personal

Pro-car protestors publish Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s direct telephone number. But that doesn’t mean she’s prepared to listen.

Communal space at classroom in Espoo, Finland.

Why Finland Is Embracing Open-Plan School Design

The country’s educational successes are undeniable, but simply demolishing school walls alone won’t necessarily replicate them.

Are Angry Fairies Sabotaging an Irish Highway?

Probably not. But a story about vengeful spirits and a colorful local politician speaks to the Irish struggle over history and modernity.

The Berlin Borough Buying Out Private Landlords

Fearful of rising rents, the municipality is asserting its right to block investors from buying apartment buildings. Other cities across Europe are sure to watch how this plays out.

The 'Unseen Citizens' of Amsterdam

For centuries, pets have lived alongside humans in the Dutch capital, but there’s no official record of them. One photographer set out to change that.

An Amsterdam cyclist is pictured.

Amsterdam Fights Back Against Rogue Bike Shares

Too many rental bikes are clogging up much-needed parking space, city hall says. But what’s the plan?

Paris Doesn't Need the Olympics

But, if it plays its cards right, the French capital can use the 2024 Summer Games to speed redevelopment.

Thieves Keep Stealing Copenhagen's Classic Benches

A local design icon is disappearing in alarming numbers.

Why Italy Is Banning Everything

Kebabs and selfie sticks are just the tip of the iceberg in the national struggle to wrest control of historic city centers.

Amsterdam's Infrastructure Dilemma: Bikes or Boats?

A years-long debate over a bridge pits the city’s vision for the future against the national government’s.

Britain Will Ban Gasoline Cars By 2040

It’s the latest to join a global movement, but London’s mayor says it’s not enough.

Why Some Brits Are Fuming Over London's Crossrail

A massive new commuter rail project is stoking centuries-old resentment in Britain’s north-south divide.

Tapas and beers are served at a restaurant in the Andalusian capital of Seville, southern Spain

What We Got Wrong About Spanish Lunch Breaks

In Spain, time is complicated.

Planes stream above Paris's Place de L'Étoile in celebration of Bastille Day

Donald Trump's Grasp of French History, Urban Planning Is Limited

However, he's not completely wrong about Napoleon.

Let's All Swim in the Once-Filthy Canals of Paris

Unlike many cities, the French capital has made good on its promise to re-open urban waterways to bathers. How did they do it?  

Say Goodbye to Spain's Glorious Three-Hour Lunch Break

Catalonia plans to shorten work hours—but don’t call it the end of the siesta.

Toulouse is one of several French cities that are joining Bloomberg Philanthropies Innovation Team program.

An American Blueprint for Smarter Cities Arrives in France

Bloomberg Philanthropies teams up with French cities trying to break out of the national mold.

Employees sell currywurst in Berlin

Minimum Wages Do More Than Boost Workers' Income

A German report suggests sustainable success more than two years after a wage law took effect.

Iceland Is Sick of Tourists' Bad Behavior

Visitors are underestimating the country’s dangers—and taking locals for granted.