Feargus O'Sullivan

Feargus O'Sullivan

Feargus O'Sullivan is a contributing writer to CityLab, covering Europe. His writing focuses on housing, gentrification and social change, infrastructure, urban policy, and national cultures. He has previously contributed to The Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times, and Next City, among other publications.

A woman walks with her greyhound dogs along a path in the Durand forest near the French border.

Paris Plans a Suburban Forest Five Times the Size of Central Park

A green lung in the city’s northeastern suburbs.

Eurostar trains on the platform at London St Pancras Station.

Can This European High-Speed Train Compete With Airlines?

As flying grows even less attractive, a new London-to-Amsterdam rail route could steal passengers from the skies.

Paris Cracks Down on Slumlords

A new case delivers on the government’s promise to treat bad landlords “like drug dealers.”

A Former Gestapo Headquarters Gets a Tone-Deaf Redevelopment

As this week’s protests show, memories of what went on there are far from gone—nor should they be.

Automation Will Deepen England's North-South Divide

A new report maps which cities will see the biggest job losses—unless Britain acts fast.

A section of the Berlin Wall is pictured.

Rediscovered: 250 Missing Feet of the Berlin Wall

A historian just revealed a large section of the former east-west barrier hidden away in the woods.

Paris: 'Please Do Not Give Us This Jeff Koons Sculpture'

Wrong art, wrong location, say critics.

More Bike Lanes Could Save up to 10,000 Lives a Year in Europe

A study of 167 European cities lays out the positive effects—and limits—of investing in more cycling infrastructure.

A man sits in a room alone.

The World's First Minister of Loneliness

Britain just created an entirely new ministry to tackle this serious public health concern.

On Paris Metro, Drug Abuse Reaches a Boiling Point

The transit workers’ union says some stations on Line 12 are too dangerous to stop at. What will the city do?

These Sneakers Are Your Free Transit Pass

A new BVG-Adidas collaboration means unlimited travel along Berlin’s public transit network for the rest of 2018. That is if you can find a pair.

Britain's Next Megaproject: A Coast-to-Coast Forest

The plan is for 50 million new trees to repopulate one of the least wooded parts of the country—and offer a natural escape from several cities in the north.

The Safe Way to Ride Your Bike in Winter

Want to keep cycling when it’s icy? Here are some practical tips.

Madrid Prepares for Its Greenest Year Yet

Spain’s capital makes a big push for better air quality.

Can Berlin Buy Its Way Out of a Housing Crisis?

The city’s boroughs can purchase apartment buildings to prevent spikes in rental costs. But is the area that does it most reaching the limits of what it can do?

The Night Mayor Goes Global

Amsterdam’s Mirik Milan was the original “night mayor.” He talks to CityLab about how other cities can treat the night more like the day, and the principles of a sustainable party.

Revisiting the Subtle Side of British PoMo

Today’s design debates push the architectural style’s bells and whistles into a prize fight against Brutalism. But much of its strength emerges in a different area.

The Uber app is pictured in front of two London cabs.

Europe Says Uber Is Officially a Taxi Service

The E.U.’s top court deals a major blow to the ride-hailing company, and other services might get caught in the crossfire.

Berlin's Upcoming Bike Revolution

A new law could see the city’s cycling infrastructure completely transformed.

U.S. Embassy in London

America's Passive-Aggressive New Embassy Arrives in London

Why can’t we let bunkers be bunkers?

Basel's new streetcar is pictured.

Switzerland's Border-Busting Streetcar Rolls Into France and Germany

A new extension makes it the world’s only tri-national tram system.