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Olivia Harris/Reuters

London Considers Making Drivers Pay Per Mile

Is this the end of the (free) road for London’s cars?

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London's Summer of Discontent

As terror attacks and disasters meet political instability, London really is reeling this time.

Tim Ireland/AP

A Call for 'Safety Gardens' to Protect From Vehicular Terrorism

After the attack on London Bridge, a campaign envisions an alternative to concrete barriers that would protect pedestrians and memorialize victims at the same time.

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Did London's Housing Crisis Help Spark a Fatal Blaze?

Residents of Grenfell Tower could be indirect victims of the city’s approach to “affordable” housing.

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How Belfast Became a Bargaining Chip

After a poor election showing, Britain's prime minister is courting a right-wing party that fights women’s rights and marriage equality. That might seriously stoke dormant tensions in Northern Ireland.

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Hamburg Lets the Waters In

In response to rising tides, the city will give its river some much-needed space to breathe.

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London's Richest Neighborhood Just Voted Labour. That's Astounding.

Theresa May’s Conservatives received a shocking drubbing in the U.K. elections. The results from one affluent London enclave offer a clue about why.  


Can 'Reinvent Paris 2' Rise Above Its Bad Reputation?

A groundbreaking architectural competition returns to Paris. Are its critics right to fear another fiasco?


Trump Can't Stop Attacking London

The president’s criticism of Mayor Sadiq Khan’s response to the latest terror attack has put Prime Minister Theresa May in a very tight spot.  

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Florence Loses Its Mind Over Tourists Eating Sandwiches

Italians may be Europe’s greatest gastronomic hardliners, but this time they’ve gone too far.  

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Barcelona's Old Town Gets A Reboot

The city seeks to control the excesses of tourism without making its oldest quarters feel like an empty shell.

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Britain Debates Nationalizing Its Rail System

The Labour Party’s promise to end private ownership of rail services finds broad appeal across the U.K.

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Fortress Britain's Coming Crackdown

In the wake of the Manchester attack, the U.K. government is stationing troops in cities and fast-tracking new laws to access encrypted messages.

Pilsēta cilvēkiem

'Guerrilla Bike Lanes' Prove a Reluctant City Wrong

Officials in Latvia’s capital keep saying there’s no room for dedicated lanes. Cycling activists just showed them how it’s done.

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Britain's Forgotten Bike Highways

In the 1930s, the U.K. built a massive network of state-of-the-art bike trails. Now the challenge is to revive them.

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Built-Out Barcelona Makes Space for an Urban Forest

The city is planning a major green makeover to combat the heat island and create a more welcoming place for humans and animals alike.

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Britain's Latest Weapon To Attract New Voters: Free Beer

Another national election? This calls for a drink.

Stockholm Stad

Stockholm Is Coming for Oslo’s Car-Free Crown

Sweden’s capital city decides it’s time to correct postwar planning blunders—with a little friendly rivalry on the side.