Gillian B. White

Gillian B. White

Gillian B. White is a deputy editor of The Atlantic.

There Are Plenty of New Apartments Being Built—Just Not Affordable Ones

A surplus of swanky residences means wealthier renters aren't seeing the huge price increases that poorer ones are.

Borrowing While Poor

Upcoming regulation won't fix the underlying problem of payday loans: a lack of access to credit.

Working From Home: Awesome or Awful?

Telecommuting can increase employee satisfaction and decrease turnover. It can also be lonely.

Black Americans Would've Been Better Off Renting Than Buying

Since the start of the century, the net worth of African Americans would have increased more without a mortgage.

Black Workers Really Do Need to Be Twice as Good

African American employees tend to receive more scrutiny from their bosses than their white colleagues, which over time leads to worse performance reviews and lower wages.

Housing Boom, Schooling Bust

Why does a strong real-estate market push people to forgo getting an education?

Explaining Chinese Restaurants, Korean Dry Cleaning, and Indian Motels

A combination of social networks, skills, and circumstance can lead to ethnic groups clustering around a single industry.

A Small Boost in Family Income Makes a Big Difference for Kids

A new study finds more cash can significantly improve long-term outcomes for poor children. Especially those with emotional or behavioral problems.

A High School Where College Is Not the Goal

At Randolph Technical High School in Philadelphia, students are learning about carpentry, culinary arts, and auto repair. Has the system given up on them, or has it saved them?

For Renters, a Bleak Future

America’s housing crisis will likely worsen during the next decade, with millions more struggling to make monthly payments.

When the Poor Oppose a Redistribution of Wealth

As inequality spreads, support for sharing economic gains should increase. So why is it fading?

In New Orleans, Business Is Booming—for Some

In the 10 years since Katrina, entrepreneurship has grown in the city. But not everyone is reaping the benefits.

A Housing Crisis Amid Tens of Thousands of Abandoned Homes

Ten years after Katrina, many New Orleans residents struggle to find an affordable place to live even though the city is full of vacant properties.

The Uneven Success of America's Housing Policy

Section 8 is supposed to help people move to areas with less poverty, but it’s worked better in some places than others.

The Racial Gaps in America's Recovery

The national unemployment rate continues to improve, but progress has been much slower for blacks and Hispanics.

A Long Road Home

The systems in place to provide aid after natural disasters often fail those who need help the most.

The Myth of New Orleans's Affordability

Cities with “cheap” housing aren’t cheap if wages are relatively low.

Sometimes, Defaulting on a Mortgage Is a Smart Decision

During the recession, some families made a tough choice: lose a home but protect other finances.

Millennials Are Searching for a Different Kind of Career

According to a new poll, younger workers do in fact care less about money and more about fulfillment.

Long Commutes Are Awful, Especially for the Poor

Yet another consequence of gentrification.