Gracie McKenzie

Gracie McKenzie

Gracie McKenzie is the audience engagement editor for CityLab. She previously worked in public radio, as the digital producer for NPR’s The Diane Rehm Show and Here & Now, and ran social media for Narratively.

The Maps That Made You, Dear Readers

From CityLab’s mailbag: Here are the personal stories about how maps shaped your lives.

We Heard You Like Maps So We Made You a Playlist

Songs about maps cross all genres and emotions. Got suggestions for music to add to our playlist? Leave song and artist ideas in the comment below or tag @citylab on Twitter.

Giving an Underrepresented Community and City a Place in Literature

There There author Tommy Orange discusses his experience telling stories about Oakland and Native Americans, and why cities should be seen as part of the natural environment.

Downtown Los Angeles is pictured.

What Everyone Can Learn From L.A.'s Gentrification

In its second season, the podcast “There Goes the Neighborhood” explores the pressures of life in a changing Los Angeles—with lessons for listeners everywhere.

Attendees to the D.C. city government's Form-a-Palooza waved a city flag if they had a question while redesigning a few of the city's most frustrating forms.

We Went to 'Form-a-Palooza,' a Hackathon For Better Paperwork

D.C.’s new innovation lab wanted to redesign red tape, and the city’s wonks were eager to help.

A photograph of two beers

NYC Readers! Come to Our Next HappyHourLab

We’ll be searching for the city’s lost soul with “Vanishing New York” blogger and author Jeremiah Moss.

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We found the best songs about neighborhoods and how they change.

The Universal Language of Crappy Driving

From the California stop to the Pittsburgh left, questionable choices behind the wheel are less local than the names we give them—except when they aren’t.

How the Trump Tower Atrium Became a Public Space: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we’ve come across in the last seven days.

Tracking Your Questions on the Trump Transition

We’ll be updating this page over the coming weeks and months as you continue to tell us what you want us to report on.