Gwynn Guilford

Gwynn Guilford is a reporter and editor for Quartz.

It's Time to Say Goodbye to the Front Lawn

They’re bad for the environment and our wallets.

China Is Responsible for a Quarter of the Plastic Clogging Our Oceans

It's important to illuminate the volume and the origin of marine plastic.

Iceland Is Melting So Fast, It's Literally Popping Off the Planet

That’s grim news not just for Icelanders, but for everyone.

Hong Kong Is Attacking the Protest Movement's Fragmented Leadership

Varied groups of protesters have differing demands—and differing ideas of how far they will go to be heard.  

How to Follow the Iceland and Papua New Guinea Volcano Eruptions

Webcams, Twitter, and data visualizations show you what's going on with Bárðarbunga and Mount Tavurvur.

So Much Arctic Ice Has Melted, We Need a New Atlas

Global warming has become the biggest headache for atlas illustrators.

Fish Can Help Slow Down Global Warming—But Not If We Keep Eating Them

Deep-sea fish transfer carbon into the depths of the ocean.

How Climate Change and a Deadly Fungus Are Threatening the World's Coffee Supply

This is bad not only for global caffeination but also for small Central American farmers.

China's Fight Against Pollution Is Good For the Air But Bad For the Economy (For Now)

Chinese policymakers are getting so serious about air pollution that their efforts are hurting GDP performance.

The Melting Polar Icecap Is Creating Waves the Size of Houses

Yet another side effect of climate change.

China's 'War on Pollution' May End Up Accelerating Climate Change

The country has vowed to give up coal. But what will come next?

Here's a Reason Not to Hate the Polar Vortex

 It’s killing some of the nastiest invasive insects around.

More Billionaires Live in Beijing Than in Los Angeles

But that may change next year.

Global Warming Is Spreading Venomous Spiders All Over the U.K.

This exemplifies how humans are distorting the ecosystem.

Air Pollution Has Shut Down a Major Chinese City

A lack of wind, corn burning for the harvest, and the onset of central heat fouled up Harbin's air so much that schools and offices had to close. 

China's One-Child Policy Could Be Causing Its Trillion-Dollar Housing Boom

And it could also lead to the eventual bust.

Tokyo's Winning 2020 Olympics Bid Will Only Worsen Japan's Debt Headache

The city estimates the Games will cost between $5 and $6 billion and include the construction of 21 new sporting venues.

Just How Crazy Is China's Plan to Build the World's Tallest Building in 9 Months?

In the time it takes to gestate a baby, architects say they'll have finished a structure that hits 838 meters — ten meters higher than the Burj Khalifa.

Inside China's Plan to Build the Longest, Most Expensive, Most Dangerous Underwater Tunnel

At 76 miles long, it would surpass the combined length of world’s two longest underwater tunnels and cut through two fault lines.