Ian Bogost

Ian Bogost

Ian Bogost is a contributing writer at The Atlantic and the Ivan Allen College Distinguished Chair in Media Studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His latest book is Play Anything.

Technology Sabotaged Public Safety Without Us Even Noticing

The tech industry has improved people’s individual, private lives. But it has not necessarily benefited their communal ones.

WeWork-branded coffee mugs that say "Always do what you love"

The Wildly Appealing, Totally Doomed Future of Work

WeWork was supposed to reinvent office life. Unfortunately, it did.

Driverless Cars Will Change the Way Cities Feel

Autonomous vehicles promise safety and efficiency. But nobody knows what it will be like to live with them.

Heat rises as an American Eagle jet lands at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, June 19, 2017

Why It's Too Hot to Fly in Phoenix

When flights are grounded, climate change isn’t acting alone.

The Evolution of Slang

For a century and a half, The New York Times has been earnestly—and hilariously—defining the evolving language of cities. 

The App-Filled Future of Luxury Is Avoiding People

Services like Silvercar, Uber, and pay-to-play airline VIP programs help keep the new aristocracy away from the rabble.

Online Classes Won't Fix America's Unequal Education System

The answer to underfunded primary and secondary education should not be a VC-funded bet foisted upon a disadvantaged population.