J. Weston Phippen

J. Weston Phippen

J. Weston Phippen is a writer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Supreme Court Rules Cities Can Be Victims of Housing Discrimination

Miami’s lawsuit against Bank of America and Wells Fargo now returns to a federal appeals court in Atlanta.

The Train Crash in Hoboken, New Jersey: What We Know

The Atlantic live blogs developments and details.

The Aftermath of a Shooting Live-Streamed in Minnesota

Police pulled Philando Castile over for a broken taillight in a suburb of St. Paul, and shot him dead as his girlfriend sat beside him.

A Video Captures a Police Shooting in Louisiana 

The footage appears to show two Baton Rouge officers wrestling 37-year-old Alton Sterling to the ground, holding a gun to his chest, and shooting him dead.

The Rising Floods in Texas

Torrential rain and overflowing rivers and reservoirs have killed at least six people and caused thousands to evacuate their homes.

The First Verdict in the Freddie Gray Case

Police officer Edward Nero has been acquitted of all four charges against him.

Will California's Rich Opt Out of Conserving Water?

The state’s decision to let water districts self-regulate their usage has some people worried.

A First Step Toward Ending Discriminatory Policing in Ferguson

The city council finally voted to accept the the U.S. Department of Justice’s changes to its courts and police.