Jack Grone

Jack Grone

Jack Grone is editor of McPherson, an independent journalism start-up based in St. Louis. He is a former reporter and editor for Dow Jones Newswires whose writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.

A photo of a closed street in St. Louis

The Curious Tale of the St. Louis Street Barriers

Thanks to an '80s mania for traffic calming, the St. Louis grid is broken by hundreds of bollards and cul-de-sacs. Critics say it’s time to get rid of them.

City, Meet County: St. Louis Weighs Historic Merger

A measure to consolidate St. Louis City and County could go before Missouri voters as soon as 2020. But St. Louisans are mixed on what that means.

One St. Louis Condo Tower Is Worth More Than Whole City Neighborhoods

Commercial investment and residential buy-in are helping some St. Louis neighborhoods rebound, but the disparities between neighborhoods are stark.