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It's Official: 2015 Was America's Second-Hottest Year on Record

Every state saw hotter than average annual temperatures.

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At COP21, World Leaders Just Agreed to a Climate Deal to Fight Global Warming

Will the Paris Agreement be enough?

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We're Obliterating Global Temperature Records, and There's No End in Sight

Each of this year’s summer months has been among the hottest ever recorded.

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3 Hurricanes Are Hitting the Pacific at the Same Time, and the View From Space Is Amazing

It's the first time three simultaneous, major hurricanes have been recorded in this region.

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Catastrophic Flooding Is Getting Worse and We're Woefully Unprepared

New research shows flooding in the Midwest has become more frequent over the last 50 years.

This Train Plowing Through Snow Is Absolutely Astonishing

But is it safe?

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China's Toxic Air Could Kill a Population the Size of Orlando, Florida

The country's pollution could contribute to 257,000 deaths over the next decade.

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How China's Filthy Air Is Screwing With Our Weather

Toxic smog billowing from China's coal-fired power plants is making snowstorms in the U.S. worse.

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Breathing Air Shouldn't Be This Dangerous

Chinese cities are so toxic that 90 percent of them fail pollution standards, according to a new Greenpeace analysis.

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The Freedom Tower Was Supposed to Be the Greenest Building in America. What Went Wrong?

Under pressure to get a publishing giant into the iconic tower, the site's developers may have sacrificed a core part of its green plans.

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Daily Photos of a Single Skyscraper Show the Reality of Beijing's Toxic Smog

This man uploaded one photo every day. The results are startling.

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These 14 States Have a Climate Change Plan—the Rest of You Are Screwed

A mere nine others have plans in the works, according to a new study.

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A Major Accounting Firm Just Ran the Numbers on Climate Change

We're 20 years away from catastrophe, says PricewaterhouseCoopers.


See How Serious China Just Got About Global Warming in 7 Infographics

The world's biggest polluter will set up a carbon market by 2016. Here's why it matters.

Californians Will Have to Get Comfortable With Purified 'Toilet-to-Tap' Water

The golden state's historic drought is forcing residents to reconsider the "yuck factor" of wastewater re-use.

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Inside the Huge Solar Farm That Powers Apple's iCloud

Apple has a wide-ranging plan to keep its ever-expanding empire green—but it has a few holes.

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This Huge Corporation Is Tackling Climate Change—Because It's a Threat to the Bottom Line

Food giant General Mills now has some pretty sweet eco-bragging rights.

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Inside Yingli, the Giant Chinese Solar Company Sponsoring the World Cup

You’ve seen their logos on the sidelines, now get a peek inside the company trying to transform the world.