Jennifer Hattam

Jennifer Hattam is a freelance journalist based in Istanbul.

A Card Game Designed to Help Urban Communities Plan for the Future

Imaginable Guidelines gives players a shared vocabulary and base of knowledge with which to talk about their city.

Members of the Düzce Solidarity Housing Cooperative at the project site, including Sami Kılıç (center, with dog) and Safiye Alkaya (second row, in gray cardigan)

The 'Most Hopeful' New Housing in Turkey

Twenty years after being displaced by an earthquake, families in Düzce, Turkey, are getting homes that they helped design and build themselves.

Istanbul, the Day After

If this city knows how to do anything, it’s how to move on.

The Extraordinary Lives of Istanbul's Street Cats

A new documentary follows some of the city’s famous felines as they navigate the ever-changing urban environment.

Restaurant Day Has Become a Big Deal, Just Not in the U.S.

The pop-up food event that started in Helsinki four years ago has already spread to 68 countries around the world.

Why DIY Public Spaces Are Starting to Take Off in Turkey

"We felt a real hunger in Istanbul for projects that are bottom-up."

The Hidden Side of Turkey's Urban Transformation, Told in 10 Pictures

Young photographers capture the country's abandoned spaces, overcrowded cities, and the people left behind.

Centuries-Old Gardens Are the Latest Battleground in Istanbul

The ongoing debate raises bigger questions about who benefits from the city's changing landscape.

Occupy Istanbul? Inside the Growing Mini-City at Gezi Park

There are tents, libraries, free food, even free hugs. But how long will it be allowed to last?

Violence, Tear Gas Greet Protests to Save One of the Last Public Parks in Istanbul

The battle over Gezi Park has become a symbol of opposition to the city's massive urban upheaval.

The Istanbul That Might Have Been, and Might Still Be

A book of unbuilt Ottoman-era architectural and engineering plans sheds surprising light on the current building boom in Turkey’s largest city.

How the Garbage Pickers of Athens Predicted the Greek Economic Crisis

A new documentary sheds light on the Greek city's most vulnerable residents.