Jesse Halfon

Jesse Halfon

Jesse Halfon is an attorney specializing in products liability and new mobility law.

photo: e-scooter riders in San Francisco

Injured on an E-Scooter? A ‘Mobility Claims Board’ Can Help

If you get hurt riding a dockless electric scooter, you have few legal protections, thanks to company liability agreements. A “Mobility Claims Board” could help.

a photo of an e-scooter.

A Lawyer Explains Why Electric Scooter Laws Don’t Work

Bird, Lime, and other shared micromobility services are disrupting the legal landscape, too.  

A man rides a motorized Lime scooter in San Francisco.

The Right Way to Regulate Electric Scooters

As dockless shared-mobility devices spread nationwide, so do the risks of accident and injury. Here’s why more federal safety oversight is needed.