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Why Is Affordable Housing So Expensive?

Limited city budgets and rising building costs create a recipe for disaster.

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What Happened to Atlanta's Carmageddon?

When a major freeway closes, the expected gridlock almost never happens. This should teach us something about traffic.

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Driving Faster Doesn’t Make You Happier

It just makes you drive farther.

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Don't Dismiss the Early Signs of a Turnaround in Detroit

The Motor City faces monumental challenges, but it’s too often criticized for its glimmers of hope.

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Don't Demonize Driving, Just Stop Subsidizing It

As a matter of fairness and practicality, drivers should pay for the roads they drive on.

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Here’s What’s Wrong With That 'Peak Millennials' Story

The number of young adults is increasing, not declining, and a larger share of them are living in cities.

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Has Louisville Figured Out How to Eliminate Traffic Congestion?

Traffic camera snapshots seem to show that the modest tolls charged on the city’s controversial highway bridge keep commuters away and traffic light.

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Are the Suburbs Really Back?

The Wall Street Journal claims population growth in the U.S. suburbs is “outstripping” cities. That’s not exactly the case.

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The Downsides of Data-Based Transportation Planning

The quantitative data that’s available is far too limited, and likely to lead us to the wrong conclusions.

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Let a Thousand Ubers Bloom

Why more cities should promote robust competition in ride-hailing markets.

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Portland: Hardly 'A Retirement Community for the Young'

Hey, New York Times: Portland happens to outshine many U.S. cities in entrepreneurship, job growth, productivity—and the elusive "second paycheck."