Joe Eaton

Joe Eaton is a former reporter at the Center for Public Integrity, the Washington City Paper, and the Roanoke Times. He now teaches at the University of Montana School of Journalism.

The Town Where Retirees Can’t Retire

In fast-aging pockets of rural America, older residents are going back to work. But not always because they need the money.

Could High-Speed Rail Ease California’s Housing Crisis? See Japan.

A UCLA study says that bullet trains between Tokyo and Osaka helped reduce housing prices. Would that work for San Francisco and Los Angeles?

It's Time for the Pop-Up Olympics

The venues of the Pyeongchang Games, held in a remote and impoverished corner of South Korea, are not built to last. That’s probably for the best.

Booming Boise Picks a Fight With CVS

The small Idaho city is facing an influx of newcomers—including chain retailers—that some fear will threaten its smart-growth vision.

The 560-foot-tall Juche Tower in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Seeing Pyongyang in 360 Degrees

A photographer in a microlight aircraft shot 360-degree video over the secretive North Korean capital.

A New Look Inside the Cities of North Korea

Amidst heightened political tensions, city life in the hermit kingdom goes on.

A woman covering her mouth with her jacket as she crosses a bridge in smoggy Missoula, Montana

The West Is on Fire. Get Used to It.

A fire ecologist explains why this summer’s wildfires are so dramatic, and why the West will have to learn to live with a more severe burning season.

In Seoul, shoppers watch news reports about North Korean missile tests.

Seoul Isn't Worried (Even If You Are)

The South Korean megacity has lived in the crosshairs of North Korean artillery for decades. What’s new is that the rest of the world is feeling the heat.

Patrons at Missoula’s Dram Shop, one of the city's many outlets for locally brewed libations.

Missoula Taps the Power of Beer

How much can craft brewing power economic development? This Montana city is trying to find out.

Marijuana Growers Sow Displacement Fears in Denver

The city’s cultural community supported the movement to legalize recreational cannabis—but now artists are competing with “ganjapreneurs” for cheap industrial space.