John Surico

John Surico

John Surico is a freelance journalist and researcher who covers New York City transit for VICE and frequently contributes to the New York Times. He is based in Queens, NY.

A sign warns non-resident drivers to avoid using a street in Leonia, New Jersey.

What Happens When a City Bans Non-Resident Drivers?

Besieged by commuters taking Waze-powered shortcuts, Leonia, New Jersey, closed its side streets to non-residents. Not everyone is happy with the results.

A man making deliveries rides an electric bike in New York City.

New York City Makes (Some) Space for E-Bikes

After a controversial crackdown, city officials will legalize one class of battery-boosted bicycles.

An 'Instant Bridge' Collapses Near Miami, and Many Questions Remain

Florida International University’s new pedestrian bridge was state-of-the-art. On Thursday, the new span failed, killing six.