John Surico

John Surico

John Surico is a freelance journalist and researcher who covers New York City transit for VICE and frequently contributes to the New York Times. He is based in Queens, NY.

A woman walks past a vacant store in Brooklyn, which, like the other boroughs of New York City, has been struck with a wave of vacant storefronts as rising rents squeeze out smaller businesses.

Empty Stores Are Killing New York City. Is This the Fix?

For decades, the city has mulled rent control for small businesses. As the city’s wealthiest areas fill with vacant shops, lawmakers are taking another look.

How to Fix Bronx Bus Service? Ask the Commuters.

Riders in New York City’s poorest borough gave the MTA an earful about how to fix their system.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi speaks during the company's unveiling of the new features in New York.

A Safety-Minded Makeover for a Dangerous Brand

Uber is determined to put its reckless image in the past as it rolls out a host of new security-related features this week.

The Longest 4 Miles

What's the best way to get from Brooklyn to Queens during rush hour: bike, Uber, taxi, subway, bus, or electric moped?

The collapsed Morandi Bridge in the Italian city of Genoa.

What Brought Down This Bridge in Genoa?

The disaster has focused attention on the state of infrastructure built during the nation’s postwar boom.

It’s Electric Moped Time, America

The founders of Revel, an e-scooter-share startup, think U.S. cities are ready for a bigger, faster kind of boosted bike.

Dockless Bikesharing Hits New York City’s Transit-Hungry Fringes

The strategy: Keep free-range riders off Citi Bike’s turf.

How Riders Won the Fight for Better Buses in New York City

The MTA’s ambitious bus overhaul plan has long-suffering transit advocates giddy. Now comes the hard part.

Mid-Sized City Mayors Aren't Waiting Around for Trump

Local transportation and utility projects could sure use federal assistance. But these mayors are going it alone.

A sign warns non-resident drivers to avoid using a street in Leonia, New Jersey.

What Happens When a City Bans Non-Resident Drivers?

Besieged by commuters taking Waze-powered shortcuts, Leonia, New Jersey, closed its side streets to non-residents. Not everyone is happy with the results.

A man making deliveries rides an electric bike in New York City.

New York City Makes (Some) Space for E-Bikes

After a controversial crackdown, city officials will legalize one class of battery-boosted bicycles.

An 'Instant Bridge' Collapses Near Miami, and Many Questions Remain

Florida International University’s new pedestrian bridge was state-of-the-art. On Thursday, the new span failed, killing six.