Jolee Edmondson

Jolee Edmondson is a Savannah-based writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Smithsonian, among other publications.

A Patriotic Museum Meets Suburban Resistance

The National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation was shocked earlier this year when its Moshe Safdie-concieved proposal was rejected by a local planning commission for being too tall.

Man looking through binoculars.

A Golf Institution Sets Its Sights On the Neighbors

Augusta National has gobbled up about 100 acres outside its storied gates. What’s the plan? A spokesperson for the famously secretive club will only say that off-campus property “supports tournament operations.”

Archaeologists Are Worried About Savannah's Building Boom

For 30 years, requests to enact an archaeological ordinance that would protect subterranean artifacts have failed. A new effort has emerged amid the latest wave of construction.