Julia Wick

Julia Wick is a writer and editor based in Los Angeles. She was previously the editor in chief of LAist.com

Salvadorans in L.A. Brace for Change

Revoking immigration protections on L.A.’s TPS holders could have a dramatic impact on the city’s workforce, communities, and  neighborhoods.

LA Weekly

What Happened to 'LA Weekly'?

Last week, the city’s award-winning alternative newspaper was purchased by a shadowy entity. Immediately, most of the staff was fired. Then things got weird.

Los Angeles Is Ready for the Next Mobility Revolution

The city was shaped by the streetcar and was an early adopter of the automobile. What comes next?

An illustration of Gothamist logos being packed up.

Everyone Should Fear What Happened to the Gothamist Sites

Five U.S. cities just lost a critical source of local news. The former LAist editor explains why it’s so troubling that they were silenced.