Julian Spector

Julian Spector

Julian Spector is a former editorial fellow at CityLab, where he covers climate change, energy, and clean tech.

The Typical Morning Routine Requires a Shocking Amount of Energy

If humans had to power their own showers, the world would be a much smellier place.

To Save Big on Energy, Heat People, Not Air

Temperature control in the workplace is about to get way more personal.

Houston Gives Transit Riders a Quicker Way to Pay

The notoriously car-centric metropolis embraces smartphones to make bus and light rail more user-friendly.

Why America Pays More for Nuclear Power

A new study examines what other countries have done to keep costs down, and what could work in the future.

What's the Best Way to Cut Your Carbon Emissions?

A new study compares the range of possible actions.

Detroit's Ambitious Plan to Jump-Start Its Housing Market

Home loans haven’t covered the cost of buying and renovating a run-down house, so the city thought up something new.

Governors Launch a New Offensive in the Fight for Clean Energy

The bipartisan push for wind and solar doesn’t have much to say about climate change.

California's Solar Dominance, In One Graph

New government data show how the Golden State compares to the rest of the country—and it’s not even close.

The Community Solar Industry Gets a Voice of Its Own

A new national organization will push to make it easier to get solar power when it can’t go on your own roof.

Obama’s Clean Power Plan Now Depends (Even More) On the Next President

The EPA can’t enforce the regulations until the Supreme Court weighs in, but states can still use them as guidance.

Coming Soon to France: Hundreds of Miles of Solar-Powered Roads

Thin panels installed on existing roads could be used to power streetlights and homes within five years.

To Fight Climate Change, We Need to Go Beyond Burying Fossil Fuels

The latest environmental rallying cry—“Keep It in the Ground”—will help stop pollution. But that policy’s effect on carbon emissions isn’t as clear.

Obama Wants to Tax Oil Companies to Pay for Clean Transit

The proposed $10 per barrel fee would fund a massive overhaul of the country’s transportation system.

A Requiem for the CFL Light Bulb

General Electric is flipping the switch on the harsh, energy-saving bulbs that divided a nation.

Why Data Farms Are Heading Underwater

The ocean’s cooling properties and energy potential led Microsoft to run a cloud center there for 105 days.

New Orleans Is Done Fighting Water

The city is using a big federal grant to filter and retain the stormwater it once banished.

The Best and Worst States for Rooftop Solar Panels

A new report tracks where consumers will get the most out of renewable installations.

Half the World Still Breathes Polluted Air

The latest Yale Environmental Performance Index reports that 3.5 billion people still live in places with unsafe pollution levels.

The EPA's Clean Power Plan Just Won Another Legal Battle

Judges rejected a stay against the plan while the appeals court decides its fate.

Microgrids Might Be Ready for the Big City

A new study shows they’re capable of meeting real-world power needs.