Julian Spector

Julian Spector

Julian Spector is a former editorial fellow at CityLab, where he covers climate change, energy, and clean tech.

How Cheap Gas Complicates Long-Term Urban Planning

Drivers get a windfall now, but cities face a bumpy future.

The Obama Administration Halts New Coal Mining on Federal Lands

But it won’t affect the U.S. coal supply—or force more renewable energy sources—any time soon.

Solar Jobs Are Outpacing the U.S. Economy By a Longshot

As the size of this workforce grows, so too will its political influence.

The Most Comprehensive Map of a City's Carbon Footprint Ever

By focusing on emissions from goods consumed in a city, Berkeley researchers paint a more accurate picture.

How to Build a House on Mars Using Only Materials on Mars

Turns out mixing Martian soil with sulfur produces a strong and quick-drying concrete.

Chicago Is Predicting Food Safety Violations. Why Aren't Other Cities?

A case study in applying data-based civic solutions to other places.

This New Gadget Gives Cyclists Hands-Free Intel While They Ride

Varia Vision clips on to sunglasses and beams up directions and warnings about oncoming vehicles.

Cities and States Are Split Over Obama's Clean Power Plan

The divide on the legality of the EPA’s big climate effort is the latest local government fissure.

The Worst Local Policy Proposals of 2015

Please, no more internment camp throwbacks next year.

Rendering the Food of the Future

Anticipating a future of climate change and population growth, a group of artists cooked up renderings of more sustainable, meatless "meatballs."

What the New Spending Bill Means for American Energy Consumption

Congress traded oil exports for renewable incentives, and it's probably a net win for the environment.

One Freight Crate, Two Acres of Urban Farming

In shipping containers, urban farmers can grow a large yield in small spaces.

The Paris Climate Deal Can't Succeed Without Cities

Local leaders will guide policy change until the international agreement goes into effect in 2020.

The Polluters the Paris Treaty Ignores

International shipping and aviation emit as much as entire wealthy nations, but they’re not bound by the COP21 deal.

The U.S. Will Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground—Until After the Paris Climate Talks

Officials postponed the auction of an oil and gas development lease until next spring.

How Cities Can Avert Financial Ruin After a Natural Disaster

As climate change leads to more and worse storms, the growing catastrophe bond market provides some reassurance.

Why COP21 Won't Solve the 'Climate Refugee' Problem

An estimated 200 million people might be displaced by 2050. And so far there's no plan to help them.

Investing in Fossil Fuel-Free Companies Just Got a Lot Easier

A new NRDC-backed fund lets casual investors buy stock in green firms.

Can Oil-Rich Dubai Possibly Go Green?

The emirate wants to transition from extravagant consumption to cleanly powered extravagant consumption.

The Untapped Potential of America's Hydroelectric Power

In its push for more renewable energy, the U.S. can do more to capitalize on the dams it’s already built.