K.A. Dilday

K.A. Dilday

K.A. Dilday is a senior editor at CityLab. She has lived and worked as a journalist in the United States, North Africa, and Europe, and held staff positions at media organizations including The New York Times and Essence Magazine.

Graffiti in a neighborhood of central Los Angeles.

How Does Toxic Stress Affect Low-Income and Black Children?

Traumatic childhood experiences can harm children’s ability to learn reading, writing, and math, according to a new report.

Demonstrators outside of the U.S. Capitol during a Poor People's Campaign rally.

Progressive Populism Roared Back In 2018

Populism was reclaimed by American progressives, as citizen-initiated ballot measures and a Poor People’s Campaign took aim at poverty and voter suppression.

A map of states with laws that make voting more difficult.

Voting Rights Aren’t Just a Black Issue: They Affect Poor People of All Races

The Poor People's Campaign is building a multi-ethnic national force to “save the democracy,” and end the cross-racial poverty it sees as born of racialized voter suppression.

The Fight to Integrate New York City’s Specialized Schools Is Misguided

It affirms a supremacist mentality. I thought we were done propping that up.