Karen Loew

Karen Loew is a writer in New York, and director of the new short dance film No Man’s Land.

Preserving the Meaning of Lesbian Bars

As gay people and places are more accepted than ever, their bars are dwindling in number—especially for women. Now artists are documenting what these spaces mean to the community.

A still from the film, Columbus, with Eero Saarinen's North Christian Church in the background

The Midwest Town That Designs Above Its Weight

A new film, Columbus, stars a cast of stunning mid-century buildings across the small Indiana city where it takes place. New initiatives may cultivate its reputation for years to come.

An empty storefront on a sidewalk with a "retail space for lease" sign in the window

How Cities Can Save Small Shops

Some places are already taking action, but New York City is lagging behind. Here’s a blueprint for keeping local retail healthy.