Karen Loew

Karen Loew is a writer in New York.

Red, yellow, and green lights on bridge with city in background.

Nashville Has the Most Kurds in the United States. And They’re Angry.

Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Northern Syria has angered Nashville’s large Kurdish community. They say the city, Republicans included, is supporting them.  

Why Do Instagram Playgrounds Keep Calling Themselves Museums?

The bustling industry of immersive, Instagram-friendly experiences has put a new spin on the word museum.

The City Has Food to Share. Do You Know Where to Find It?

A New York-based design duo proposes a “forage beacon” that makes it clear when food—like fruit, nuts, and vegetables—is ripe and safe to eat in the city.

A cash register is pictured.

New York’s Small Businesses See a Glimmer of Hope Against Rising Rents

Leaders at the city and state levels say they’re prepared to address the closure of mom-and-pop shops, but some key hurdles may stand in the way.

When Pride Comes to Town

Several smaller U.S. cities are hosting their first Pride parades this year. For locals, it’s a chance to assert that they don’t need to leave their community to be gay.

Preserving the Meaning of Lesbian Bars

As gay people and places are more accepted than ever, their bars are dwindling in number—especially for women. Now artists are documenting what these spaces mean to the community.

A still from the film, Columbus, with Eero Saarinen's North Christian Church in the background

The Midwest Town That Designs Above Its Weight

A new film, Columbus, stars a cast of stunning mid-century buildings across the small Indiana city where it takes place. New initiatives may cultivate its reputation for years to come.

An empty storefront on a sidewalk with a "retail space for lease" sign in the window

How Cities Can Save Small Shops

Some places are already taking action, but New York City is lagging behind. Here’s a blueprint for keeping local retail healthy.