Kendra Hurley

Kendra Hurley

Kendra Hurley is a New York City-based writer and researcher. Her work has helped shape policy in areas including early education, homeless services, and child welfare.  

The Last Daycares Standing

In places where most child cares and schools have closed, in-home family daycares that remain open aren’t seeing the demand  — or the support — they expected.

photo: A daycare provider reads to students in New York City.

How Universal Pre-K Drives Up Families’ Infant-Care Costs

An unintended consequence of free school programs for three- and four-year-olds is a reduction in the supply of affordable child care for kids younger than two.

Little kids under a blanket.

How U.S. Child Care Is Segregated: a Brooklyn Story

At a daycare in a gentrifying Brooklyn area, is the entrance of racially diverse, middle-class families income integration, or more akin to colonization?