Keshia Naurana Badalge

Keshia Naurana Badalge

Keshia Naurana Badalge is a freelance writer.

a photo of the Singapore skyline

The Strange, Fragile Normalcy of Life in Singapore

Hailed for its early efforts to contain Covid-19, Singapore has recently seen a surge in new coronavirus cases. Still, daily life is surprisingly unaffected.

a photo of the Jewerl Changi Airport in Singapore

Why Singaporeans Really Love Their Airport

The Moshe Safdie-designed addition to Changi Airport allows even more Singaporeans to do their favorite thing: Hang out at the airport.

a photo of a woman riding a light rail train in Jerusalem.

Can a Light Rail Train Link a Divided City?

Part cultural tour, part social activism, a project called Dissolving Boundaries uses Jerusalem's public transportation as a stage for examining relations between Israeli and Palestinian residents.