Knute Berger

Knute Berger’s new book is Space Needle, the Spirit of Seattle, a 50th anniversary history of the Seattle icon and its impact. He is also a columnist for, Editor-at-Large of Seattle Magazine, and author of the regional bestseller, Pugetopolis. He’s attended eight world’s fairs in eight countries. He lives in Seattle.

Visions of the Seattle That Could Have Been

The city's new Museum of History and Industry offers a portrait of how Seattle innovated its way into the 21st century, and what got lost along the way.

The Case for Keeping Seattle's Streets Messy

Let's stop talking about how to "fix the grid" and recognize what we have.

The Rise of the Eco Expo

Not only do expos bring together sustainable themes and ideas for an urban future, they often remake their host cities into leaner, greener spaces.

The Expo As Change Agent

Fifty years after its debut, Seattle’s Jetsons-era World's Fair is still shaping the city, an example of how an ephemeral exposition can have a permanent impact.