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Thwarting Cities in the Trump Era

State government gives the GOP a platform to keep acting as the opposition party—against “liberal cities.”

Kushner Companies/Zaha Hadid Architects

666 Fifth Avenue Is the Perfect Symbol for the Trump Era

From its shady financing to its spectacular design, Zaha Hadid's 666 Fifth Avenue captures the Trumpian moment.

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The Many Mysteries of the Muslim Laptop Ban

A new Homeland Security rule will ban electronics on flights from airports in Muslim-majority countries. Is this protectionism or prudence? Well, it’s complicated.

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Trump's Budget: Expect Reagan-Era Levels of Homelessness

Deep cuts to HUD could exacerbate the nation’s already severe affordable housing crisis.

Mike Segar/Reuters

President Trump's Border Wall Won't Be a Wall

The latest twist in the Homeland Security solicitation for a border wall: It doesn’t need to be a wall.

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Ride-Hailing Makes Any Snow Crisis Worse

Uber, Lyft, and delivery-on-demand apps put unnecessary drivers on the road during winter weather—and we all end up paying for it.

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The Firm That Built the Border Fence Isn't Interested in the Border Wall

At least not yet.

Susan Walsh/AP

Dear Ben Carson: Start Making Sense

With major budget cuts looming for HUD, it’s time for the cabinet secretary to stand up for whatever it is he believes.

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11 Percent of Voters Decided the Future of Los Angeles

L.A. rejected Measure S, a moratorium on new housing construction, by big margins. But it should never have been put to voters in the first place.

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Here's What Global Building Companies Say About Designing Trump's Wall

So far, few of the firms that have expressed interest in the border wall project have the resources to pull it off.

Gregory Bull/AP

Almost 200 Firms Are Interested in Building Trump's Wall

More may answer the call when the federal government lists its formal solicitation on March 6.

Alex Brandon/AP

Trump's Wall Is Moving Forward Now, But It's Still Impossible

The government seeks contractors for design prototypes of a border wall with Mexico, a project that’s (probably!) still a pipe dream.

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Chicago Braces for an Austerity Double Whammy

The state of Illinois and the Trump administration are both mulling potentially draconian budget cuts.

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Epic Boondoggles, Ranked

It’s not the Big Dig or the Second Avenue Subway. America’s biggest infrastructure quagmires are much, much larger than that.

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Another Front in the Texas War to Preserve Segregated Housing

A new bill to change the application for housing tax credits would make it virtually impossible to build new low-income housing anywhere in the Lone Star State.

Josh F.W. Cook/Office of Assemblyman Brian Dahle/AP

The Oroville Dam Crisis Exposes the Flaws in Trump's Infrastructure Plan

A near-disaster in California probably wouldn’t be averted by the kind of privatized investment that the president has in mind.

Carlos Barria/Reuters

The Suburbs Are Split Over Donald Trump

A new poll reveals a sharp divide between rural and urban populations over President Trump, yet it’s the suburbs that are torn down the middle.

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A Florida Mayor Beat the Gun Lobby, but Battle With the State Still Looms

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum took on the gun lobby—and won—in a case whose stakes were ultimately narrow.