Kriston Capps

Kriston Capps

Kriston Capps is a staff writer for CityLab covering housing, architecture, and politics. He previously worked as a senior editor for Architect magazine.

photo: A 7-year-old boy from Guatemala is tested for Covid-19 in Stamford, Connecticut, in May.

The Chilling Effect of the ‘Public Charge’ Rule

Fears of visa rejection or deportation keep immigrant families from receiving health care and food aid, despite increasingly urgent needs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

photo: A masked server in the outside dining area of a restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida on May 4.

Al Fresco Dining Is the Restaurant Industry’s Best Hope

To survive coronavirus summer, restaurants are rushing to claim space for outdoor seating. But can sidewalk tables and parking-lot patios provide enough revenue?

photo: An apartment building in Queens, New York.

The Rent Is Getting Paid. How?

Four out of five apartment renters in the U.S. were able to make their rent payment in May. But the data only tells part of the story.

photo: Hospital workers in Dallas watch a display by the Navy's Blue Angels on May 6.

In Praise of Flyovers, the Public Spectacle of the Pandemic

Aerial salutes to front-line workers by military jets have become common morale-boosters in cities under coronavirus lockdown. Not everyone is a fan, however.

photo: a wall tagged with "Forgive Our Rent" graffiti

How to Survive the Coronavirus Housing Crisis

Worried about paying your rent or mortgage, avoiding eviction or foreclosure, renewing a lease, or getting housing assistance? These tips and resources can help.

'Cancel the Rent' Could Be Just the Beginning

A campaign dubbed Our Homes, Our Health is pressuring lawmakers to suspend rent and mortgage payments nationwide during the coronavirus crisis.

photo: The Clermont Hotel's marquee displays "Be Safe Atlanta."in Atlanta, Georgia.

What Reopening Georgia Might Really Be About

Why is Governor Brian Kemp so eager to reopen hair salons and restaurants? The state’s million-plus jobless claims might be a big part of this controversial move.

photo: Stuart Malcolm, a doctor with the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, speaks with homeless people about the coronavirus in San Francisco.

No Easy Fixes as Covid-19 Hits Homeless Shelters

Cities like San Francisco and New York City are moving shelter residents to hotels as coronavirus spreads. But federal authorities have a different solution.

photo: A mail carrier makes her rounds in San Francisco in April.

Privatize the Post Office? Here's Another Idea

Schemes to privatize the U.S. Postal Service are being debated anew as coronavirus lockdowns drive mail volume down. But there’s an equally radical alternative.

photo: homemade protective face masks.

The Maker Movement Mobilizes to Fight Coronavirus

To sew masks, build protective gear, and fabricate medical equipment needed for Covid-19, networks of small-scale DIY manufacturers are springing up nationwide.

photo: empty streets of New Orleans

City Leaders Rally Around a Fix: Cancel the Rent

To prevent a housing disaster, leaders in nine U.S. cities called on state and federal officials to give more support to tenants as the Covid-19 crisis deepens.

The Problem With a Coronavirus Rent Strike

Because of coronavirus, millions of tenants won’t be able to write rent checks. But calls for a rent holiday often ignore the longer-term economic effects.

photo: Former HUD secretary Julián Castro

How to Head Off a Coronavirus Housing Crisis

Former HUD secretary and presidential candidate Julián Castro has ideas for state and federal leaders on protecting vulnerable renters from a housing disaster.

photo: a For Rent sign in a window in San Francisco.

Do Landlords Deserve a Coronavirus Bailout, Too?

Some renters and homeowners are getting financial assistance during the economic disruption from the coronavirus pandemic. What about landlords?

Why Coronavirus Is a Food Security Crisis, Too

Households that rely on food assistance can’t stock up during the coronavirus crisis. That’s why the U.S. created the P-SNAP program more than a decade ago.

photo: a very filthy punk club bathroom

These Coronavirus Immunity Jokes Are Love Letters to Home

Social media’s favorite Covid-19 meme is also an expression of strength, defiance and community affection in the face of a terrifying global pandemic.

photo: An empty park in New Rochelle, a suburb of New York City hit by a spike in coronavirus cases.

Are Suburbs Safer From Coronavirus? Probably Not.

Urban density does play a role in disease transmission. But rural areas and suburban sprawl aren’t necessarily safer spaces to ride out the Covid-19 crisis.

photo: A lab technician in Singapore

Why Aren’t Cities Widely Testing for Coronavirus?

Public health experts warn local efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19 require expanding the testing of residents. In the U.S., cities are falling short.

How Coronavirus Took Down SXSW

For Austin Mayor Steven Adler, the decision to call off the Texas capital’s signature music and film festival due to COVID-19 fears wasn’t an easy one.

After Tornado, Nashville Braces for Disaster Capitalism

In the wake of a severe tornado, local housing activists fear that a wave of speculators could prey on North Nashville’s vulnerable homeowners.

photo: A jobseeker holds an information packet during a U.S. Census Bureau 2020 job opportunities workshop in 2019.

The Census Bureau Wasn’t Counting on the Coronavirus

As census takers for the decennial survey prepare to knock on doors and count residents, anxieties about the spread of COVID-19 could hamper their efforts.