Kriston Capps

Kriston Capps

Kriston Capps is a staff writer for CityLab covering housing, architecture, and politics. He previously worked as a senior editor for Architect magazine.

Endangered HUD Funds Will Drive the Hurricane Recovery

Trump’s proposed 2018 budget would eliminate a program now set to provide about half the housing rebuilding funds for Harvey and Irma.

Tactical Urbanism Comes to Outlaw Country

Can Wyoming do walkable?

Downtown Houston is flooded in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Released from Jail with Nothing, In the Middle of Hurricane Harvey

As conditions deteriorated, one man claims that jail officials simply released detainees.

An aerial view of water rising near Addicks Reservoir, flooded by rain from Tropical Storm Harvey on Tuesday.

Houston's Reservoirs Can't Sustain Any More Rain

“This is something we’ve never faced before.”

Trump Rolled Back the Government's Best Flood Protection Standard

Two weeks before Harvey hit Texas, a little-noticed executive action removed rules that would have held new infrastructure projects to a higher storm-proofing standard.

Torrington, Wyoming, hosted thousands of eclipse visitors today.

The Eclipse Didn't Trigger a Wyoming Traffic Apocalypse

But it was hard to get a cup of coffee this morning.

One Small-Town Apothecary's Guide for Surviving the Eclipse

An act of natural wonder offers the possibility of insight—or doom. A Wyoming apothecary has celestial tourists covered.

"Gift Horse"—a skeletal sculpture of a horse by artist Hans Haacke—debuted on the Fourth Plinth in London's Trafalgar Square in 2015.

What To Do With Baltimore's Empty Confederate Statue Plinths?

Put them to work, Trafalgar Square style.

Homeowners facing foreclosure over tax debts wait in a conference room for their cases to be heard in Detroit in January 2015.

Severe Housing Needs May Return to Foreclosure-Crisis Levels

Despite the buoyant economy, the number of hardest-hit households is close to record levels of the foreclosure crisis in 2011.

California Highway Patrol officer stop the flow of traffic on the 110 freeway as protesters unsuccessfully attempted to rush the freeway in a November 11, 2016, rally to oppose the election of President Donald Trump.

The States Trying to Pass Laws Protecting Drivers Who Hit Protesters

After the Charlottesville attack, Republican lawmakers are seeking to distance their efforts to pass driver immunity legislation.

Charlottesville Needs To Rename This Park

The city should replace the memorial to Robert E. Lee with a memorial to Heather Heyer.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York City Guarantees a Lawyer to Every Resident Facing Eviction

The new law protecting low-income tenants is the first in the nation.

White Supremacists Are Waging a War Against Public Space

Fascism and open carry are incompatible with the public square, in Charlottesville and beyond.

Attendees to the D.C. city government's Form-a-Palooza waved a city flag if they had a question while redesigning a few of the city's most frustrating forms.

We Went to 'Form-a-Palooza,' a Hackathon For Better Paperwork

D.C.’s new innovation lab wanted to redesign red tape, and the city’s wonks were eager to help.

This Music Festival Stage Will House Homeless Veterans

After the last act closes down Portland’s Treeline Stage at the Pickathon Music Festival, the whole thing will be converted into pods.

What's the Matter With a 'Cosmopolitan Bias'?

Stephen Miller hurled the insult at a CNN correspondent. But it’s likely not the slight he intended.

A Bipartisan Fix to the Housing Crisis?

The Senate is moving to dramatically expand the housing tax credit programs responsible for virtually all new affordable housing in America.

Los Angeles Will Get a Third Shot at the Summer Olympics

The city has until 2028 to figure out how to host the games without losing a bundle, as nearly all modern host cities have done.  

Donald Trump addressing law enforcement officers

The President Just Endorsed 'Rough Rides'

Donald Trump evoked the tactic on Friday that led to Freddie Gray's death.

Trump to the Rust Belt: Move Somewhere Else

The president told upstate New Yorkers to move to a red state with jobs, even as his planned budget cuts promise to make their lives more difficult.