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This Summer, Keep the Damn Door Closed

Businesses that air condition the sidewalk are on alert with a new crowdsourced campaign.


Cruising a Superhighway Built for Bikes

Leave it to the Dutch to engineer the psychology of the regional bike commute.

Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters

Who Should Replace Travis Kalanick, and Why?

The Uber CEO’s wild ride has ended. Who should get the next turn behind the wheel?

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The Heated Politics of Renewable Energy

As cities vow to meet the Paris climate commitments, rival researchers debate the true costs of going 100-percent renewable.

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In New York City, Bike Share Is Faster Than Cabs When It Matters

As the city strives to cut carbon emissions, backseat travelers should know when there’s a quicker, cleaner route.

Josh Edelson/AP Images for Lyft

As Uber Burns, Lyft Promises to Meet Paris Climate Commitments

The company’s pledge to cut emissions couldn’t come at a more opportune moment. But can it deliver?

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Why Uber Will Still Dominate

With CEO Travis Kalanick taking leave, the company's leadership is in turmoil. But unless city regulations change, the ride-hailing company will remain on top.

Hunter Franks/Knight Cities Challenge

In Shrinking Akron, a Dead Highway Becomes a Forest

The six-lane Innerbelt connector obliterated downtown Akron in the 1970s. Next summer, it’s going to be covered in trees.

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We Remember Infrastructure Week

In case you were distracted, here’s what you missed, via Twitter.

National Low Income Housing Coalition

Rent Is Affordable to Low-Wage Workers in Exactly 12 U.S. Counties

America’s mismatch between wages and rental prices is more perverse than ever.

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Reminder: Donald Trump Says This Week Is All About Infrastructure

Trump went to Cincinnati to talk about fixing the nation’s aging locks and dams. Would his public-private financing model fit?

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Can Cities Actually Meet the Paris Commitments on Their Own?

Nearly 250 U.S. mayors have pledged to uphold the country’s greenhouse gas commitments. It might be a long shot. But Trump put politics on their side.

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A Tweet-by-Tweet Guide to 'A Death Sentence for Planet Earth'

Mayors, governors, scientists, and businesses are slapping on game faces after Trump’s Paris swerve.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Electric Vehicles Are Cleaning Up

As U.S. electricity production moves away from coal and fossil fuels, plug-ins look better than ever.

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5 Ways U.S. Cities Can Fight Climate Change Without the Paris Accord

Build dense. Build near transit. Rinse and repeat.

Victoria & Albert Museum

Beneath a Bustling University Campus, a Big Cable Is Listening

To spark conversation on ever-more connected cities, designers have visualized the acoustic artifacts of Stanford’s fiber-optic wires.

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Is Housing Catching Up?

New Census numbers show big population gains in America's big cities. According to our analysis, new housing in some cities may be finally making a dent in years of pent-up demand.

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Trump's Budget Is Bad for Bikes, Too

You thought getting your ride stolen was bad. Proposed cuts to key agencies and programs clip the lock on future bike trails.