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Even Healthy-Looking Suburbs Are Dying From Drugs

Some communities are much sicker than they look, according to our analysis of CDC data and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s new county health rankings.

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When Women Walk the City

In a new book, the writer Lauren Elkin excavates the female flâneur in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Venice, and London.

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What Keeps Most American Cities From Decline

Many megaregions would be in Rust Belt mode if they weren’t buoyed by an influx of international job-seekers, Census numbers show. What happens if those people stop coming?

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The Midwest Is in Trouble

New Census estimates show the Snowbelt-to-Sunbelt migration pattern is deepening.

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A Map of Noisy America

Transportation-related racket affects 97 percent of the U.S. population, and it doesn’t have to be ear-splitting to be a public health menace.

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Remember: Public-Private Partnerships Aren't Free

Roads, bridges, and trains jump-started by investor dollars always come looking for public ones, eventually.


The Cities Trumpcare Would Hurt (and Help)

Under the AHCA, urban centers dominated by poor people of color would feel the most pain.


Want Safer Streets? Take Design Cues From the Snow

It’s never too late for #sneckdown season.

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For Urban Transit, a Hostile Budget

But President Trump’s budget blueprint also targets transportation programs that serve rural Americans.

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The Fight to Close the Racial Health Gap Just Got Harder

Repealing the ACA could eliminate groundbreaking initiatives that ease urban health disparities. Bronx Health Reach is one.

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Hey Transit Fans: Worry About Congress, Not Trump

L.A.’s newly reelected mayor Eric Garcetti may butt heads with the president over immigration. But congressional cuts to transit funding are more likely to derail his city’s transportation ambitions.

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Is Uber Over?

Amid PR scandals and shaky financials, some wonder if Uber’s last days are imminent. That may be wishful thinking—but cities can expect to benefit from competition moving in.


The Magic Trash Can Cities Probably Don't Need

The designers of the TetraBIN want to turn chucking garbage into a game with purpose.

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How Atlanta Citizens Are Giving Thanks to Transit Workers

Grassroots MARTA boosters are shining appreciation on the folks who keep the system running.

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What If Transit Announcements Appealed to Your Emotions?

If there’s a more effective way to say “stand clear of the closing doors,” this start-up wants to help transit agencies find it.

Sidewalk Labs

Map Your Way to Commuter Freedom in New York

And see where the looming L-train shutdown will hurt the most.

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Stop Asking Whether Uber Is Transit's Enemy

The more important question is how ride services factor into cities’ goals for mobility. A new analysis of New York City shows why.


What's Behind Declining Transit Ridership Nationwide?

Pick a culprit: The rise of ride-hailing services, budget cuts, cheap oil, or bad service.