Laura Bliss

Laura Bliss

Laura Bliss is a staff writer at CityLab, covering transportation and technology. She also authors MapLab, a biweekly newsletter about maps (subscribe here). Her work has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Los Angeles magazine, and beyond.

MapLab: Location, Location, Location

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.

A photo of a Tesla Model X inside the Boring Company's demonstration tunnel in Los Angeles.

Dig Your Crazy Tunnel, Elon Musk!

The Tesla CEO says his Boring Company tunnel cost $10 million per mile to build. If that’s true, it could be a big deal for public transit.

A woman driving a ride-hailing vehicle.

The Policy That Will Make the Uber/Lyft IPO Pay Off

Congestion pricing is gaining ground in New York City and Los Angeles. That could help turn around ride-hailing’s losses.

A photo of a bicycle in a bike lane.

The Life-Saving ‘Dutch Reach’ Comes to American Driver’s Ed

Starting in January, American traffic safety organizations like AAA will teach motorists how to better avoid hitting passing bicyclists with car doors.

A photo of low-profile electric fire trucks on display at China's International Import Expo.

The Fire Trucks Are Too Damn Big

Smaller heavy-duty emergency vehicles could save a lot of lives, says a new Department of Transportation report.

A photo of skyscrapers in Nashville.

The Big Stakes in a Fight Over a Little Park in Nashville

Church Street Park is a small downtown space known to draw people experiencing homelessness. Now it’s slated to be replaced with a condo tower.

MapLab: A Map’s Best Storyteller

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.

A rendering of Quayside, the waterfront development now being planned for Toronto.

Sidewalk Labs’ Neighborhood of the Future in Toronto Is Getting Closer

The new draft plan for the “smart” waterfront development offers broad proposals for housing, transportation, and energy use. But it’s not that radical.

A map of population density and high-frequency transit in San Francisco.

A U.S. Transit Atlas That Ranks the Best (and Worst) Cities for Bus and Rail

Christof Spieler’s Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of U.S. Transit reveals which cities’ bus and rail systems work, and which don’t.

A photo of an empty parking lot.

America Probably Has Enough Parking Spaces for Multiple Black Fridays

Even the biggest shopping day of the year can’t fill up the enormous oversupply of parking lots that ring U.S. shopping centers.

A photo of protesters carrying anti-Amazon posters during a rally and press conference in NYC.

Amazon’s HQ2 Decision Was Always About Transit

In the end, New York’s MTA and D.C.’s Metro were the only transportation networks capable of handling such an influx of new residents. But both cities will have some work to do.

A photo-illustration of several big-box retail stores.

After the Retail Apocalypse, Prepare for the Property Tax Meltdown

Big-box retailers nationwide are slashing their property taxes through a legal loophole known as "dark store theory." For the towns that rely on that revenue, this could be a disaster.

MapLab: Maps Won the Midterms

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.

A photo of a "Road Work Ahead" highway sign in Missouri.

Nationwide, Transportation Measures Rolled to Victory

High voter turnout meant lots of wins for transit- and transportation-related ballot measures on Tuesday.

Mapping Where Americans Don't Vote

“The United States of Apathy” showcases the dramatic effect of low voter turnout in U.S. elections.

A photo of a Bay Area Rapid Transit train making its way along the tracks in Oakland, California.

California Transit Agencies Resist a Gas Tax Repeal

Proposition 6, an effort to repeal a major fuel fee increase, could set back the state's ambitious climate goals.

A photo of Detroit's elevated People Mover cruising past the Renaissance Center.

The Joys of Detroit’s Ridiculous People Mover

The city’s oft-maligned mini-train is not great transit. But it’s a magnificent tourist attraction.

Durham’s Plan to ‘Nudge’ Drivers Out of Cars

Behavioral science strategies like offering prizes are getting people into public transit.

A photo of a Lyft ride-hailing vehicle.

Uber and Lyft’s Link to Traffic Fatalities

Since ride-hailing is putting more cars on the roads, one study finds that mobility services are also contributing to the rising number of fatal crashes.

MapLab: The Ghosts of Projections Past

A biweekly tour of the ever-expanding cartographic landscape.