Laura Feinstein

Laura Feinstein

Laura Feinstein is a freelance writer and editor who covers the intersection of art, technology, and global culture. Past bylines include The Guardian, T/The New York Times, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Salon, GOOD, Paper Magazine, and VICE where she was formerly the Editor In Chief of The Creators Project.  

In 'The Other Apartment,' One Home Spans a Deep Divide

An artist’s apartment in Tehran was meticulously recreated in Pittsburgh, inviting Americans and Iranians to inhabit the same space, half a world apart.

Can This Arts Center Make Hudson Yards Likeable?

If The Shed remains committed to its lofty goals, Hudson Yards may soon provide real accessibility and a sorely needed sense of inclusion.

The Moon Lands on the High Line

Oliver Jeffers’s new installation, The Moon, The Earth and Us pays tribute to the most famous photograph taken of earth and questions our place in the universe.

The High Line Gets an Opera

One of the architects behind the elevated park now has an ambitious, 6-day event that draws on music, immersive performance, and community engagement to convey one hour of life in the big city.

The Museum of Broken Windows Makes a Powerful Plea for Police Reform

In a pop-up exhibition, artists and activists display personal experiences with a fraught theory of policing.

New York Needs Gordon Matta-Clark Now More Than Ever

A new retrospective at the Bronx Museum highlights the legendary artist’s ability to bring disparate communities together in the spirit of radical creation.

Ai Weiwei's "Arch" at Washington Square in Manhattan.

Ai Weiwei's Art Reaches New York's Streets

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors is perhaps the artist’s most ambitious public project yet.