Letty Reimerink

Letty is a freelance journalist who writes stories about cities and the people inhabiting them. She also works as a communications consultant, mostly in the area of housing and urban development. 

In Amsterdam, Dutch Youth and Refugees Run a Housing Project Together

Startblok Riekerhaven is a ‘European laboratory’ for housing and integrating a wave of refugees.

A Dutch Time Capsule for Global Sustainability

The first step for cities on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: making people aware of them.

How a Polluted Industrial Site Became Amsterdam's Most Interesting Neighborhood

The city’s organic, decentralized approach revitalized Buiksloterham even in the midst of a recession.

In a City of Immigrants, Rotterdam's Muslim Mayor Leads by Example

Ahmed Aboutaleb is never afraid to speak his mind as he works to make Rotterdam more prosperous and culturally integrated.

In Amsterdam, an 'Embassy' Where Migrants Connect With Locals

The interactive art project utilizes the only right the refugees have in the Netherlands: free expression.

A Dutch City Makes Room for Its River and a New Identity

Nijmegen is turning a flood-control project on the River Waal into an opportunity to redevelop its inner core.

Amsterdam to Tourists: Get Off the Beaten Path

With a visitor surge crowding space in central Amsterdam, the city is marketing its neighborhoods as an alternative for tourists.

How Greece's Economic Crisis Produced an Emerging Civil Society in Athens

Hundreds of groups have sprung up to help their fellow citizens with everything from a cup of coffee to prescription drugs.

What Happens When an Entire Neighborhood Starts Using an App for Borrowing Housewares

Technology gets to the heart of a Dutch neighborhood's trust issues.

Medellín Made Urban Escalators Famous. But to What End?

The results of a three-month study on the economic and social effects of the Colombian city's iconic intervention.