Lindsay Fendt

Lindsay Fendt is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Denver. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, U.S. News and World Report, Al Jazeera, and elsewhere.

Voters Chose to Decriminalize a Drug. Now the City Faces a Choice.

A ballot measure directs the city to decriminalize magic mushrooms. Officials must now decide how—or if—they plan to make that happen.

Denver Votes to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

Voters narrowly approved Initiative 301 to decriminalize psilocybin, the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms.

A woman adjusts the equipment in front of large metal vats at a brewery.

Craft Breweries in Colorado Brace for Less Water

People in the booming beer industry in Colorado worry about predicted water shortages and threats to the high quality of Rocky Mountain water.