Lydia Lee

Lydia Lee

Lydia Lee writes about architecture, design, and urban planning from the Bay Area for publications including Architectural Record and the San Francisco Chronicle. She was previously the San Francisco editor for the Architect's Newspaper. She serves on her local bicycle commission and fusses over two beehives.

Farming the Subdivision

A new “agrihood” in California’s Central Valley reworks a former tomato-canning plant into an aspirational suburb.

How an Audio Booth Changed the Conversation Around a Major S.F. Redevelopment Project

The team reviving a former power plant in Bayview-Hunters Point partnered with StoryCorps, and the community response was pretty incredible.

A Community Approach to Clearing Snow From Sidewalks

In most places, sidewalk snow-clearing is left to individual homeowners. In Ann Arbor, one neighborhood decided to pool its resources instead.

Cleaning Up Urban Waterways With Manmade Islands

The brains behind Scotland's Biomatrix Water use flotillas of plants to filter polluted water and soften concrete riverbanks.

Think Globally, Drink Water Locally

L.A. and other desert cities exist by importing vast quantities of water, but Peter and Hadley Arnold of the Arid Lands Institute have a different idea.