Marie Patino

Marie Patino is a writer at Bloomberg CityLab.

Coronavirus Data in the U.S. Is Terrible, and Here’s Why

We have more data than ever to track a growing number of coronavirus cases, tests and deaths. But can we rely on these numbers?

The Great Global Child Care Crisis

What's a parent to do when all of the schools and daycares suddenly close? For some workers in some places, options are starting to emerge.

Why Asian Countries Have Succeeded in Flattening the Curve

To help flatten the curve in the Covid-19 outbreak, officials at all levels of government are asking people to stay home. Here's what’s worked, and what hasn't.

photo: Parisians walk along the Seine on Sunday, one day after Paris closed cafes and restaurants.

Virus #Irresponsables Put France on Lockdown

After Parisians post pictures from the city’s parks, the government calls for a countrywide lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19 infections.

What It's Like to Hold an Election in the Middle of a Pandemic

France is going ahead with plans to hold municipal elections in almost 35,000 cities and towns this weekend, despite worries over Covid-19.

However You Slice It, the Geographic Disparity in Tech Jobs Is Growing

The number of U.S. tech opportunities is increasing. But to stop their concentration in a few cities, some policy experts are now calling for government intervention.

To Navigate Love, French Intellectuals Mapped It

Starting in the 17th century, allegorical maps became a way of talking about relationships, from the Castle of Cuckoldry to the Abyss of Despair.

Coronavirus Outbreak Maps Rooted in History

Cartographers are mapping the coronavirus in more sophisticated ways than past epidemics. But visualizing outbreaks dates back to cholera and yellow fever.