Marina Koren

Marina Koren

Marina Koren is a staff writer at The Atlantic.

People take photos on their phones of the blue, lit-up sky over the New York City skyline.

With New York’s Eerie Blue Light, an Ancient Tradition Unfolds

The light show over the city tapped into a deep vein in human culture.

A goat looks at the camera in front of other goats

Where Did All Those Goats Come From?

The mystery behind a boisterous scene in Boise

What Would Flying From New York to Shanghai in 39 Minutes Feel Like?

Elon Musk’s proposed Earth transport system better stock barf bags.

The Explosions in New York and New Jersey: What We Know So Far

Authorities say Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, is the suspect in both blasts on Saturday.

Hundreds Arrested Saturday in Protests Over Police Shootings

Protesters and police clashed during demonstrations over police violence against African Americans.

Orlando Nightclub Attack: What We Know

More details are emerging about the man who carried out Sunday’s shooting rampage that killed 49 people.

The Rising Death Toll in Ecuador's Earthquake

Officials say at least 350 people have been killed in the country’s most powerful earthquake in decades.

Lahore's Nightmare

An explosion in a public park in Pakistan killed dozens. Many of the victims were children and their parents.

Los Angeles Schools Are Shut Down: What We Know Now

The second-largest public school system in the U.S. shut down Tuesday after threats were received there and in New York City.

The San Bernardino Mass Shooting: What We Know So Far

At least 14 people have been killed and 17 wounded.

A Brief History of Die-In Protests

The somber form of civil disobedience has distinctly American roots.

Here's What the Justice Department Wants to Investigate in Ferguson

The probe will examine the local police department’s use of deadly force and protocols for stops, searches, and arrests.

This Is How Fragile Peace Is in Ferguson

The atmosphere in the St. Louis suburb went from peaceful to tense early Wednesday morning.