Mark Byrnes

Mark Byrnes is a senior associate editor at CityLab who writes about design and architecture.

John Portman posing in front of architectural models inside his office.

Making Sense of John Portman

Harvard’s Mohsen Mostafavi talks about Portman’s America and Other Speculations.

How to Care for Your Portman Hotel

Architects chime in on how to make the right interventions inside and out of the late developer-architect’s distinct buildings.

1970s apartment complex in downtown Buffalo

The Last Man Standing in a Doomed Buffalo Housing Complex

After a long fight between tenants and management, John Schmidt is waiting for U.S. Marshals to drag him out of Shoreline apartments, a Brutalist project designed by Paul Rudolph.

'Happy Holidays!' From New York's Parking Garages

For tourists in Midtown looking for the True Spirit of Christmas, photographer Chris Maggio knows just where to go.

Broadacre City model

When Frank Lloyd Wright Comes to Harlem

A show at Columbia University illuminates the celebrated architect’s vision for housing in America by placing it alongside the urban brick apartment towers he loathed.

Buckminster Fuller's Biosphere as it appeared during Montreal's Expo 67.

In Quebec, Buckminster Fuller's Domed Dreams Live On

A show in Montreal focuses on the province’s forgotten history with the geodesic dome leading up to Expo 67.

Montreal's Retired Metro Cars Are Staying Busy

Thresholds, an art installation made of old MR-63 doors, is the first of seven winning reuse proposals to be realized.

Super Kind, Metro Los Angeles' new etiqutte superhero.

Los Angeles Gets the Transit Etiquette Superhero It Needs

Metro’s manners campaign features a monster-battling Japanese pop star.

Marcel Breuer's Armstrong Rubber Company office building in New Haven.

A Complicated Second Life for a Brutalist Icon

Fifteen years after IKEA demolished part of it for a parking lot, a Marcel Breuer-designed office building in New Haven has become a stage for art.

A view of the New York City panorama at Queens Museum

Building 'Never Built New York'

How Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin turned a book with 200 years of unrealized architectural dreams for five boroughs into a museum show.

A view an academic building at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island and the Manhattan skyline.

How To Plan a Campus For an Island

A discussion with SOM design partner Roger Duffy on the master plan he helped put together for Cornell Tech.

Jessy Lanza singing in front of the George Robinson Bandshell in Hamilton, Ontario.

Groove Out to the Modest Charms of Hamilton, Ontario

Jessy Lanza’s music videos embrace the genericness of her Rust Belt hometown.

A Juggalo standing in front of Buffalo City Hall.

The Juggalo March Is Not a Joke

Facepainted fans of the Insane Clown Posse are gathering on the National Mall this weekend. And they have something important to say.

Montreal's Expo 67 Lives On (In Music Video Form)

Thanks to some tricky editing, the Canadian dream pop band Alvvays gets a gig at the legendary World’s Fair

An Architecture Firm for Everyone

Eric Bunge of nARCHITECTS on how to make modular homes, waterfronts, and medical campuses work for today’s cities.

Moshe Safdie speaking outside in Jerusalem.

When a Young Moshe Safdie Took On the Old City

In a 1973 documentary, the then-35-year-old architect muses over how to build in Jerusalem without sacrificing its heritage.

Construction at Orange County Government Center.

An Architectural Rescue Gone Wrong

A Brutalist complex meant to represent progressive government through ambitious design is no longer. What happened to Paul Rudolph’s Orange County Government Center?

Three photographs of different architectural styles in downtown Toronto

Updating Toronto's Architecture Bible

An interview with Alex Bozikovic, architecture critic and co-author of a guide to the city’s expansive building stock.

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery

A Modernist Masterpiece, Under Fire in Buffalo

Gordon Bunshaft was a singular force behind Modernist architecture in America. Now his greatest gift to his hometown may be at risk.

Moshe Safdie observing construction at Habitat 67

Revisiting 'Habitat' 50 Years Later

Architect Moshe Safdie talks about his most celebrated project and how it still influences housing today.