Martha Park

Martha Park's writing and illustrations have appeared in Ecotone, Image, The Common, Gravy, the On Being blog, and elsewhere. She is from Memphis, Tennessee.

To Save a Town ‘By the Grace of God’

Ben Carson’s HUD is shutting down two of the largest housing projects in Cairo, Illinois, leaving the town’s fate to a higher power.

Giving a Memphis Hero the Recognition He Deserves

In 1925, Tom Lee—a black man who couldn’t swim—saved 32 white people from a sinking ship in the Mississippi River. Memphis’s unfortunate attempt to honor him and the decline of his own neighborhood speaks to the city’s ongoing struggle to become a more equitable place.

Even the Dead Could Not Stay

An illustrated history of urban renewal in Roanoke, Virginia.

The Dumas Hotel in Roanoke, Virginia.

When a 'Green Book' Site Goes Up for Sale

The Dumas Hotel was a rare constant in Roanoke’s Gainsboro neighborhood in the face of urban renewal. One group had a valiant effort to put its fate in their own hands when it hit the market last spring.