Martín Echenique

Martín Echenique

Martín Echenique is a former editorial fellow at CityLab, formerly at CityLab Latino. His work has been featured by The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Clarín, Univision, El Espectador, La Tercera, El Nuevo Herald, and other outlets.

The City on the Front Lines of Europe’s Immigration Crisis

The city of Melilla is a fortified pocket of Spain in Morocco, where young migrants from across Africa gather to attempt the dangerous crossing into the E.U.

A road sign, next to a campaign poster of President Nicolás Maduro, indicates the way to Simón Bolívar International Airport, outside Caracas.

Venezuela’s Biggest Airport Is in Free Fall

Since 2014, more than a dozen airlines have stopped operating from Maiquetía airport in Caracas because of the country’s political and economic crisis.

Watch Immigrant Prosecutions Spike to Their Highest Level Under Trump

Mapping of the southern border shows a jump in immigration enforcement around the time the attorney general announced a zero tolerance policy.

Could Congestion Charges Work in Latin America?

Something must be done as car sales increase and cities grow. A new study envisions a plan for Mexico City, Bogotá, and Santiago, but says improving public transport is essential.

Mapping Puerto Rico's Hurricane Migration With Mobile Phone Data

Data from 500,000 smartphones reveals exactly where the island’s residents went after the storm, and when they came back.

Critics Take Aim at Mexico City's Wild New Airport

It will become the biggest airport in the Western Hemisphere by 2020. But not without overcoming some heavy turbulence.

A heavy layer of smog over Paris

How Much Are You 'Smoking' by Breathing Urban Air?

A new app can tell you (and it’s not pretty).  

A for sale sign in Carpentersville, Ill., a town with a population that is approximately 50 percent Hispanic.

U.S. Homebuying Slows Down, But Not for Hispanics

During 2017, more than 167,000 Latinos became homeowners, significantly contributing to the country's economy. However, doubts around immigration issues make their future in the real estate market uncertain.

Bexaida Torres stands in the door of what is left of her home after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Is Hit by a Total Blackout

Almost seven months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is experiencing a complete power outage. The island’s electricity provider said it will take from 24 to 36 hours to bring power back across the U.S. territory.

Turning a Busy Street Into a Work of Art in Santiago

In Chile’s capital, artists occupied a temporarily closed street to create a bright pedestrian promenade. But its future is uncertain.

Waiting at the airport to leave San Juan five days after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico

Exodus: The Post-Hurricane Puerto Rican Diaspora, Mapped

More than 135,000 Puerto Ricans have left the island and it is estimated that almost half a million could migrate to the continent by 2019.

Carlos Rodríguez, an evacuee from Puerto Rico, and Edna López, a family advocate, at Lancaster's San Juan Bautista Catholic church.

The Hurricane Refugees of Amish Country

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is taking in hundreds of evacuees from Puerto Rico. For many, the transition has been a challenge.

Map of the world, according to Queering the Map

A Crowdsourced Map of the Queer World

A design student’s interactive map documents LGBTQ people’s experiences in places around the world.

How the Urban-Rural Divide Plays Out in Puerto Rico's Second-Largest City

In Ponce, Puerto Rico, 92 percent of urbanized areas have electricity, but not a single rural neighborhood does.

El Paso's bikeshare network could soon cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

Instead of a Wall, Why Not a Binational Border Bikeshare?

El Paso and Ciudad Juárez hope to open the first system to connect both sides of the Rio Grande by the end of 2018.

What Could Happen to Washington's Salvadoran Strongholds

Washington, D.C., has the largest number of Salvadorans who face an imminent fear of deportation from Donald Trump’s new immigration policy. But long before Trump’s announcement, other forces were driving them out of the city.

The Things They Carried

MacArthur Fellow Jason De León is documenting the stories of anonymous Mexican border migrants by gathering the artifacts they leave behind.

This Is How to Do Guerrilla Bike Activism

In the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, the anonymous collective Massa Crítica pressured the government to construct hundreds of kilometers of bike lanes. But it wasn’t easy.

Mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz embraces a city administrator.

The Power of Puerto Rico's Mayors

The mayor Donald Trump criticized wields enormous political clout in Puerto Rico. But coordination is difficult with 77 other mayors operating at the same level.

People walk next to fallen electric poles and traffic signs in Salinas, Puerto Rico, after the area was hit by Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico's Grid Needs a Complete Overhaul

Allocating money to rebuild won’t be enough, experts say, unless the island can also rethink its entire energy strategy.

A man walks out of the door frame of a building that collapsed after an earthquake, in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City, Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Mexico City's Earthquake, Through Residents' Eyes

Here’s how locals responded when shocks struck the city.