Martín Echenique

Martín Echenique

Martín Echenique is an editorial fellow at CityLab Latino. His work has been featured by The Huffington Post, Clarín, El Espectador, La Tercera, El Nuevo Herald, and other outlets.

Map of the world, according to Queering the Map

How to 'Queer the Map'—and Fend Off Attack

When a design student launched an interactive project to map LGBTQ spaces in Montreal, it went viral. Then it went dark.

How the Urban-Rural Divide Plays Out in Puerto Rico's Second-Largest City

In Ponce, Puerto Rico, 92 percent of urbanized areas have electricity, but not a single rural neighborhood does.

El Paso's bikeshare network could soon cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

Instead of a Wall, Why Not a Binational Border Bikeshare?

El Paso and Ciudad Juárez hope to open the first system to connect both sides of the Rio Grande by the end of 2018.

What Could Happen to Washington's Salvadoran Strongholds

Washington, D.C., has the largest number of Salvadorans who face an imminent fear of deportation from Donald Trump’s new immigration policy. But long before Trump’s announcement, other forces were driving them out of the city.

The Things They Carried

MacArthur Fellow Jason De León is documenting the stories of anonymous Mexican border migrants by gathering the artifacts they leave behind.

This Is How to Do Guerrilla Bike Activism

In the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, the anonymous collective Massa Crítica pressured the government to construct hundreds of kilometers of bike lanes. But it wasn’t easy.

Mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz embraces a city administrator.

The Power of Puerto Rico's Mayors

The mayor Donald Trump criticized wields enormous political clout in Puerto Rico. But coordination is difficult with 77 other mayors operating at the same level.

People walk next to fallen electric poles and traffic signs in Salinas, Puerto Rico, after the area was hit by Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Rico's Grid Needs a Complete Overhaul

Allocating money to rebuild won’t be enough, experts say, unless the island can also rethink its entire energy strategy.

A man walks out of the door frame of a building that collapsed after an earthquake, in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City, Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Mexico City's Earthquake, Through Residents' Eyes

Here’s how locals responded when shocks struck the city.

A woman on a bicycle drives pass a house destroyed by the earthquake that struck the southern coast of Mexico late on Thursday, in Ixtaltepec, Mexico.

Mexico Desperately Needs a Better Earthquake Alert System

When the earth is about to move, seconds are precious.

Seeing Medellín Through the Eyes of a Copenhagener

In a new documentary series, a renowned bike guru explores the Colombian city that famously changed its future. Here’s how Medellín took his heart and, literally, got under his skin.

The Mass Latino School Walkouts In Response to DACA's End

The protest method has a vibrant history in Latino youth communities.

Which States and Counties Are Receiving the Most ICE Detention Requests?

New data gives another indication of how the federal government is tightening its immigration enforcement.

Screenshots from Hoodmaps are pictured.

This Map Wants You to Stereotype Your City

Hoodmaps asks which neighborhoods attract hipsters, tourists, and students, and more.