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What Will Happen to Americans Who Can't Afford an Attorney?

President Trump’s budget would eliminate the Legal Services Corporation, which helps low-income individuals obtain representation in civil proceedings.

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As Protesters Take to the Streets, Republican Legislators Push Back

A wave of bills aimed at curtailing protests and demonstrations has started to make its way through state legislatures across the country.

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What's Causing Chicago’s Homicide Spike?

President Trump is vowing to “send in the Feds,” but researchers aren’t convinced they understand the rise, or how to stop it.


The Explosions in New York and New Jersey: What We Know So Far

Authorities say Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, is the suspect in both blasts on Saturday.

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A New Dictionary Down Under

Australia officially updates its lingo for the first time in nearly three decades.

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The Baton Rouge Police Shooting: What We Know

Three officers are dead and three more are injured after a gunman opened fire Sunday morning.

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Orlando Nightclub Attack: What We Know

More details are emerging about the man who carried out Sunday’s shooting rampage that killed 49 people.

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Feds Put Schools on Notice to Respect Transgender Rights

In a letter sent Friday, federal officials warn local districts not to discriminate against students using restrooms.

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DeRay for Mayor?

A high-profile Black Lives Matter activist is taking his fight to the polls, joining the race to become the next leader of Baltimore.


7 Ways To Follow the U.S. East Coast's Massive Snow Storm

From outer space down to the streets.

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Who Were the Paris Attackers?

French investigators are hunting for an apparent eighth perpetrator as more details about the terrorists become public.

Yves Herman / Reuters

The Latest Reports: Details on the Deadly Paris Attacks

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks that killed at least 129 people. French President Francois Hollande has vowed a “merciless” response.


Venice's Case for Independence

Europe's latest secessionist movement wants to revive the Most Serene Republic of old.


A Dictator's Guide to Urban Design

Ukraine's Independence Square, and the revolutionary dimensions of public spaces.