Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips is a reporter at Quartz, where he writes about finance, markets, and economics.

Americans Aren't Getting Raises, But They're Shopping Anyway

In the credit-based economy, the relationship between wages and consumer spending isn’t a linear one.

Rent Will Remain Too Damn High for the Foreseeable Future

Homeownership is on the decline, leading to a scramble for rentals.

Why Does Spain Have So Many Elevators?

It's partly a legacy of Franco's aggressive post-Civil War housing regime.

Yes, American Teachers Are Underpaid

At least among wealthy countries.

1 in 5 Irish Mortgages Are Behind on Payments

And it's keeping the country's banking system in shambles.

9 Charts That Tell You Where Life Is Pretty Terrific

And where people are miserable.

Household Debt in Canada Is High, But Canadians Still Pay Their Mortgages

It's because unlike in the U.S., borrowers can't just walk away.

It Takes $290,000 in Cash to Rent an Apartment in Seoul

No other country in the world rents housing the way South Korea does.

Could Cupertino Go Bust Like Detroit?

The risky business of becoming a company town.

11 Reasons Why Bicycling in the U.S. Is Exceptionally Dangerous

There are huge variations in bicycle safety, country by country.

Ireland Will Bulldoze 40 Vacant Housing Developments — Only 1,260 to Go

The country is awash in ghost towns.

The World's 5 Largest Housing Bubbles

A brief, whirlwind tour.

Beware of the U.S. Charter School Doom Loop

For districts in America's less affluent Northeastern cities, school choice has been a costly experiment.

One Chart That Explains Why the U.S. Auto Industry Is Booming

How is this possible, given the muted gains consumers have seen in their incomes?

Amazingly, Greek Unemployment Is Getting Worse

The generalized collapse of the country’s economy continues.

Irish Homeowners: World Champs at Not Repaying Mortgages

The fascinating historical reason why a quarter of the country's home loans are in some kind of trouble.

The Next Housing Bubble Might Be Here

The latest measure from the S&P/Case-Shiller home price indexes shows an 8.1 percent year-over-year increase.

How Hurricanes Impact Unemployment, in One Chart

The jump in jobless claims this week looks an awful lot like the one post-Katrina.

Young Adults Are Finally Leaving Their Parents' Houses

After a Great Recession slump, the number of new households is ticking up.

How Cars Became the Next Big Subprime Market

Car sales are booming again. But is offering easy credit to riskier borrowers more trouble than it's worth?