Michael Friedrich

Michael Friedrich

Michael Friedrich is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn who covers culture and social justice. His work has also appeared in The Nation and The New Republic.

a photo of police and residents of Stockton, CA, in a trust-building workshop

A Police Department’s Difficult Assignment: Atonement

In Stockton, California, city and law enforcement leaders are attempting to build trust between police and communities of color. Why is this so hard to do?

A photo of an Oakland public housing community.

How to Create Safer Public Housing Projects

Despite their fearsome reputation, a new study finds most low-income housing projects aren't magnets for crime. What makes some more dangerous?

Barbara Kruger's 2016 mural "Untitled (Blind Idealism Is...)," as seen from the High Line.

The High Line Is Trolling Us

New York City's elevated park boasts a seductive collection of public art, with a striking message about urban displacement.

The Mean Tweets of New York

Tracking gang conflicts on social media is controversial, but it can help community members and law enforcement get ahead of shootings—without arrest and incarceration.

How to Uproot a 'Tree of Death'

Predictive tools can now track how a single shooting incident triggers a lethal cascade of gunshot violence—and predict who will be targeted next.