Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy is a reporter at Quartz covering technology.

Google's Self-Driving Car Was Pulled Over for Driving Too Slowly

But it rolled away without a ticket.

London Will Soon Have Its First All-Electric Double-Decker Bus

The city has had single-decker electric buses since 2013, but electric double-deckers had previously been thought to be too difficult to build.

A Robot Is Going to 3D-Print a Bridge in Amsterdam

The location of the bridge hasn’t been chosen yet, but the company in charge of the project claims it will only take two months to construct.

China Wants to Build a Rail Tunnel to Nepal Under Mount Everest

Drilling through the world's tallest mountain would be an engineering feat.

Google's Driverless Car Might Come With Airbags on the Outside, to Protect Pedestrians

The airbags would be made out of a material with a consistency somewhere between that of an earplug and memory foam.

When Is a Yellow Taxi a Better Deal Than an Uber?

Uber’s model skews more expensive for shorter rides, say data scientists.

Google Wants to Teach You How to Say Place Names Like a Local

It's not "Lie-cester Square."