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How Some Kids Escape Poverty

Just 16 percent of children who grow up in poverty manage to become economically successful adults. How do they do it?

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Why Jitneys Will Survive Uber

Informal ridesharing is technically illegal, but it will likely endure—just as it has for a century.  

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India's Revolutionary Plan to Make All Its Cars Electric

The government recently announced that gas cars will be phased out by 2030.

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How Phoenix Helped Its Working Poor Beat the Summer Heat

The city organized a massive outreach campaign when it learned that low-income communities didn’t know about its free cooling stations.

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The 'Portals' Encouraging Real Conversations About Policing and Race

Two Yale professors are using immersive technology to enable connections between communities of color in low-income neighborhoods across four U.S. cities.

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Japan's Newest Train Is Basically a Luxury Hotel on Rails

In a country that really loves its trains, the latest wonder is about more than just a fancy trip.

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The One Potential Problem With Fantastic Playgrounds

Do stunning structures leave enough room for kids' imaginations?

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Who Thought 'Open Classrooms' Were a Good Idea?

The flexible, spacious school rooms of the 1960s and ‘70s often failed miserably. Why are some designers and educators trying to bring them back?

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Yes, Elite Women's Clubs Still Exist

In Washington, D.C., and other U.S. cities, members-only meetinghouses continue to occupy prime real estate.

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The World's Most Stubborn Real Estate Holdouts

In the face of development, some steadfast souls refuse to budge.

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Who Will Buy Baby Boomers' Homes?

Years ago, housing experts predicted a housing crisis brought on by “the great senior sell-off.” But the seniors aren’t selling—yet.

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Why Building New Capital Cities Might Not Be Such a Bad Idea, After All

In a recent book, the academic Vadim Rossman argues that it can be a smart move, under certain circumstances.

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Drawing Up an Urban Planning Manual for Chicago Teens

The graphic novel No Small Plans aims to empower the city’s youth through stories about their neighborhoods.

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Forced Laborers Built Atlanta's Streets. How Should the City Remember Them?

Groups are pushing for a memorial and park on the site of a brick factory where leased convicts died more than a century ago—but two companies own the land.

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The Push to Build More 'Granny Flats'

Vancouver leads North America in accessory dwelling units. To fight a shortage of affordable housing, some U.S. cities are following suit.  

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Suburban Sprawl Stole Your Kids' Sleep

Why does school start so early? Blame 1970s planning.

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Japan's School Lunch Program Puts Others to Shame

The country ensures lunch is delicious, healthy, and part of the curriculum.

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The Saudi City That's Shunning Oil

The world’s most petroleum-dependent country is building a city that will operate without revenue from it.