Miriam Berger

Miriam Berger

Miriam Berger is a Middle East based journalist with a focus on international news. She conducted research on the Cairo metro for a master's degree in Modern Middle Eastern Studies at Oxford University.

Construction worker approaching a tunnel being built as part of Israel's new high speed rail system.

The Long Road to High-Speed Rail In Israel

The $2-billion project will shorten the 37-mile commute between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv by more than half the current drive time when finally debuts in 2018. Until then, it’s still a headache for politicians and commuters.

Inside East Jerusalem's Bus System for Palestinians

While the network is clearly inferior to West Jerusalem's, less obvious is how it’s been privatized as a way to bypass the absence of an autonomous government to provide this public good.

The Politics Clogging Transportation Reform in Egypt

An emphasis on building wide roads and highways bring the government a façade of prestige without benefiting average people.

Riding Public Transit in Cairo After the Revolution

Truly addressing the Egyptian capital’s transportation issues means empowering the masses to move around more easily. That's not something President Abdel Fattah El Sisi (nor those invested in him) can afford.