Molly McCluskey

Molly McCluskey

Molly McCluskey is a freelance journalist covering inequality, immigration, and foreign affairs. She is the editor of CityLab’s series on raising small kids, Room to Grow.

a photo of a bike lane in Boulder, Colorado.

Why Boulder Blocked Electric Scooters

The famously bike-friendly Colorado city has some of the best cycling infrastructure in North America. But electric scooters still aren’t welcome to use it.

A photo of a tourist taking a photo of the Vancouver skyline.

Hit by a Tourist Boom, Cities Wonder When to Stop Self-Promotion

Hot tourism markets like Vancouver are seeing record numbers of new visitors, straining local resources and giving city-boosters a novel problem.

People travel in a bus locally known as "car rapide" in Senegal's capital Dakar.

How to Push Kid-Friendly Transit in a Rapidly Urbanizing City

An advocate and mom in Dakar, Senegal, talks about elevating a child-focused policy agenda, in a city that’s still struggling with basic infrastructure.

Kids at a daycare center in Quebec.

The Global Legacy of Quebec’s Subsidized Child Daycare

With more than two decades behind it, the Quebec program that spawned an affordable child care model has some lessons for the rest of the world.

Room to Grow: Our Series on Raising Tiny Humans in Cities

Ideas for urban families from Seoul to San Francisco.

The Reluctant Undertakers

What does a city do when homeless people die?

How Australia Conquered Guns, and Why America Can't

Gun control advocates point to Australia for inspiration in ending gun violence. The Australian Ambassador to the United States, Joe Hockey, thinks they should stop.